July 18, 2010


Sorry for the title...I couldn't resist :)

Last weekend we set out on a brand new adventure - the twins first trip on an airplane! Unfortunately, due to the bag my camera was in having to be checked, we didn't get a picture of this monumental event...but we did get a picture of them in the airport WAITING to board the plane :)
Note: see the shoe (and legs) on the left? That was a very nice woman sitting next to us. She WAS reading a book, but Ryan (who apparently cannot stand being ignored) leaned forward and loudly said, "HELLO!" and made her pay attention to everything he did...which is why he was looking at her in this picture!

If you ask Lucas, the flight was terrible. If you ask me, it could have been a LOT worse :) If you ask both of us, the flight home was amazing (but that's getting ahead of the story...) In his defense, Lucas did end up having to change Ryan's dirty diaper in the tiny airplane bathroom (his cries were so loud that people from the front of the plane were turning around to look...and Ryan was pretty loud too!), so that might be why we have such different views.

We flew to Oklahoma for my cousin's wedding (more on that to come), and due to multiple, small, flight delays (that added up to be really long - another reason Lucas felt the trip was terrible) we got in later than we expected. When we got to the hotel we planned on getting them in their pj's and into bed ASAP...but they had other ideas...
Note: he LOOKS unhappy, but he willingly chose to play on the luggage cart and look like he was in jail!
It wasn't so bad because they were able to spend a little time with Uncle Nic & Ariel (pictured below) and Papa, Gigi, and Uncle Matt (who had been at the rehearsal) before bed.

We did finally get them to sleep (I could write a whole book on sleep issues while traveling. My children pick a different and new one each night of each trip!). The next day they needed a bath before the wedding...and they loved the bathtub!

It was gigantic!

It might have been larger than their backyard pool at home!

And then we were ready to head to the church for the main event!
To be continued...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Kim, great to see Nic and Ariel!! I am so looking forward to your family's vacation together!!! Fun, fun!! Can't wait until we are in some of your blog pictures---NOT because I want to see myself--but because that will mean that we finally get to visit you!!!! G-gran