July 21, 2010

Caves, Christ, and Colors

The guys had an afternoon out where they toured Cosmic Cavern. I wasn't on this trip (I was home coloring with the twins), so I can't tell many stories, but I wanted to include the pictures because Lucas was there, and he is an important (although not oft mentioned) part of this blog!
I know they came back telling stories of blind salamanders and plundering trout - which means it must have been a great time!
Lucas, Matt, & Nic looking up at...something.

The guys: Nic, Matt, Papa, & Lucas. Someday soon, Ryan will be tagging along on the guy adventures!

The last full day, my parents went with Lucas and I to see the Christ of the Ozarks - one of the attractions at the location of The Great Passion Play.
The view of the Crescent Hotel from the Christ of the Ozarks (since we gave you the reverse view in that post!)
The statue that can be seen above the treetops from many locations throughout the area.

Our personal favorite view was from the side. From the front he looks so serious, and his eyes are a little vacant. But from the side we felt like there was a hint of a smile, loving eyes, and welcoming arms. Not sure why it made the difference, but a different angle changed everything!

Near the statue there is a chapel where they have a 10x10 piece of the Berlin Wall. Dad & Lucas got our of the car to get a closer look and touch this historic monument.

What did the twins do during these adventures? They tried coloring for the first time! They seemed to enjoy it, and the next morning Allie got up and immediately ran over to the colors and started coloring on the paper! Granted, Allie truly enjoyed stacking the crayons and Ryan enjoyed banging them together like cymbals the most...

Ryan's first crayon art!

Allie's first crayon art!


Anonymous said...

Good blog covered guys and twins. Gigi

Anonymous said...

New artists in the family are coming! They have a lot of artistic roots on both sides! G-gran

Anonymous said...

It it so fun seeing all the fun you guys had with your family on this trip!! It goes by way too fast doesn't it? Thanks for sharing with the rest of us. Nana

Kim said...

Mom, how on earth did you manage to stay out of all the pictures? I realized that I don't really have any good ones of you!
Grandma, we're actually thinking about doing a "Family Art Gallery" in the play room. So if you're interested in submitting some art...