August 01, 2010


This afternoonwe are leaving for a week up north - in a location where there is no internet access and unreliable cell service. While I think it could be a refreshing change to be so cut off, I also know that grandparents start getting squirmy if they don't get a regular twin fix, So I'm squeezing one more random post in before we leave.

Some of their new favorite things to do: climb into chairs and either sit nicely and read a book, or launch themselves out of the chair in a way that just about stops mommy's heart. Playing Connect 4 - granted they don't actually "play," but they really enjoy putting all of the circles in the board. I know that those little pieces are probably choking hazards, but they are only allowed to play when I'm there and I'm convinced that putting those little pieces intot he tiny slots is helping develop their fine motor skills or hand-eye coordination...or SOMETHING good!
Having a snack with their friend, E, after enjoying a fun ride in the jogging strollers (note: we made it farther than we ever had with the strollers - pushing an extra 50 or so pounds makes it a lot more difficult!)

Allie likes to see how much of snack she can fit into her mouth at once...

Ry-guy has discovered closets and they are his new favorite place to play.
Where's Ry-guy?

They have figured out how to open doors, move the play yard so they can reach the tv, climb into the bathrub on their own, and can find ANYTHING they are not supposed to have! I have started having nightmares that I wake up and they have climbed out of their cribs and are playing in their room (I know they have the capability, I'm just waiting until they have the desire and drive...I've started babyproofing at bedtime to make sure their rooms are safe just in case). They enjoy pulling the storage bins out from under their cribs and dancing on them like they are stages. Looking for pictures of dogs (or cats or elephants or fish) in magazines is a new favorite past-time, and I'm thankful for the stacks of magazines I get each month (although I wish that the ones I had were filled with more animals...)
Allie is into organizing. She pulls everything out of the cabinets and then lines them up (sometimes putting the correct lid on the correct sippy cup, etc.). She also does this with bath toys, books, etc.
Every day they amaze me with the things they have learned - such as the actions to their favorite songs (like "Wheels on the Bus" it still freaks me out a little that Allie does a pretty good job of replicating the actions when I sing...even if I'm not doing them!), or how to turn the shower on when they are in the tub. Every day I hear new words come out of their mouths. They are learning so rapidly!
I mentioned previously that I've started including them in things - like daily chores. They occassionally help with the dishes (they like to unload the dishwasher - although I still have to help put away), they sometimes help pick up toys, and they LOVE to help with the laundry!
I hand them clothes from the washer and they throw them into the dryer.
Then they close the dryer door and I lift them up to push the start button!
Ry-guy is especially good at helping with laundry, and he also like helping me push my laundry hamper from my bedroom to the laundry room!
I will definitely post pictures of our fun up north...but don't expect anything for a week or so :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Kim, It PAYS to teach to help around the house when they are very young like the twins. It takes twice as much time and some accidents, but in the long run, they don't think of chores as something that they aren't responsible for. Although one can get away with it for years that it's fun, eventually they figure it out!! But then it's become habit and they know how to do things well. Good job. Love and prayers, Grandma

Anonymous said...

Kim, Im eagerly waiting until you get back. It is so sweet that you have Allie in dresses most of the time. Your girl is all girl and Ryan is for sure all boy!! What an awesome arrangement. Thank, You, God. I am so eager to see them soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!