July 07, 2010

Happy Birthday, Cuppycake!!

One year ago we welcomed Cousin Cuppycake to the world! While we were very excited at the time that the twins would have a cousin so close to their age, we were sad that we lived so far away. We never could have guessed that not only would we end up living so close that we could schedule spontaneous playdates, but that we would actually be with her on her first birthday!!
Reading books with her cousins
(yes, my children were still in their pajamas when the birthday girl arrived. Yes, they were sans pants. Yes, I did dress them...I just waited until AFTER I took pictures!)
Unfortunately, Ryan bopped her in the face with this book shortly after this picture was taken. He was a little aggressive in showing his love for his cousin...
With Nana & her birthday balloon!
Checking out her presents...
Happy Birthday, Sweet Cuppycake! WE LOVE YOU!!!


Anonymous said...

Awe honey you are so sweet!! Happy 1st Birthday Cuppycake. We love you so much! Nana * Poppy!
We are so so blessed that you cousins will know each other. We love you Allie and Ryan!! Hugs

Kim said...

The BIGGEST bummer...I went through all of my pictures and somehow I didn't get a single decent picture of Poppy with the twins! How did I miss that? :(