July 19, 2010

The Wedding

We were so excited to be attending my cousins wedding because we hadn't attended a family event on this side of the family (my mom's) since OUR wedding (I know...I'm terrible)! It was so wonderful to see everyone, and enjoy being with cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents that I love and often miss so much!
I discovered that having children changes a lot. For example, we arrived at the wedding 5 minutes before it started (I've never been that late for a wedding in my life!). Lucas decided to stay in the nursery with the twins (partly so they didn't freak out, partly to get pictures of them playing with all of my cousins kids - their second cousins?). Somehow, he ended up sort of getting left to man the room...but he was fine and it looks like all of the kids had fun!
The gang.
There were actually 3 more that Lucas had to keep an eye on.
Allie plays with A
Another thing that changes when you have children? You don't just sit and enjoy eating and chatting while at the reception. You eat in between giving them bites...and you spend a lot of the reception following your children to make sure they don't escape (and if you're me...you chase them with a camera!). It was a nice reception, and so much fun to see my kids happily playing with the children of the cousins I enjoyed playing with when I was little!
Ry guy has a chat with N (probably asking for help to get free!)
Where's Ry-guy?
P kept chasing Allie & tickling her, and Allie loved it!
My cousin A showing her dog to all the kiddos.
One of the big draws for attending this wedding (aside from the fact that I love my cousin and wanted to see the family that I had missed for so long) was that all 4 sets of twins on my moms side of the family were going to be in the same place for the first time! That's right. 4 sets!

Pictured above are my grandparents with the bride (who should be obvious) and her twin brother (the other tall person). My cousins. The pioneer set of twins.
Next you have the 2 adorable little boys in the suits (one in my cousin's arms and one on Grandma's lap). Also my cousins (my youngest cousins!) roughly 11 months older than my twinners.
Then came my 2 in my Grandpa's lap...they should look familiar. Allie is obviously thrilled about having this particular picture taken!
Finally, the 2 adorable baby girls that the bride is holding are her nieces! My cousin (the bride's older sister) had twins about 7 months after mine were born!

I may be biased, but a family this saturated with twins is multiply blessed!

We had a wonderful time hanging out with my aunt & cousins back at the hotel...and had a hard time saying goodbye to everyone the next morning (while it surely won't be another 6 years until I see everyone, I don't know when the next time will be).
Congratulations Kayla & Lukas!!!

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Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness!! Joy to get to see some of our side of the family!! What gorgeous pictures and so fun to see all the twins!! Amazing. God is good! I'm so happy that you FINALLY got to see some of your Mom's family (which I claim, too!)