July 06, 2010

Our 4th: Part 2

Saturday, Lucas was gone the whole day with a wedding and a big church outreach at the fireworks. Meanwhile, I was home dealing with diaper rashes that resulted from something the twins ate that they were allergic to.

Sunday Uncle Logi, Aunt Min, and Cousin Cuppycake came to celebrate with us!

All of the cousins were dressed in their patriotic finest!
I know I'm a bad parent for pausing to take a picture before I pulled him off the cooler...but I needed evidence of my monkey man's antics!

The brothers demonstrate that you never really grow old as long as you have a smile on your face and a freezie pop in your hand!
(note: you can't see Logan's hat well, but he was wearing a Yankees hat & Lucas was obviously wearing Red Sox...he's lucky we let him in the house!)

Dancing together :)
For some reason Ryan wouldn't stop touching her face...a sign of affection, I'm sure!
At the end of the afternoon we went swimming. The cousins enjoyed floating together!

We had a great time eating (LOTS) of yummy food, talking, watching the cousins run around. BUT, the highlight of the day was when Cuppycake decided she wanted to give Ry-guy hugs and kisses. At first he was game and they gave each other a really cute kiss. But then Cuppycake's hugs got a little aggressive, and he ended up running away and hiding by me! It was just so cute to see the cousins lovin' on each other!

Lucas and I wrapped up the evening by watching Boston's fireworks on tv. It was sad to know that we've been there so many of the past years, and now we don't know when we'll ever be again. But at least we've started a few new traditions of our own :)


Anonymous said...

I Love the water picture. I have my three all together! They look so cute. I have to have this picture Kim!! :) I'm sorry I bug you so much about putting these on snapfish but could you???? See you in a few hours. Nana
PS. Glad you guys had a good time on the 4th.

Anonymous said...

The three looks so cute in their patriotic outfits. You can tell cuppycakes is taller then the twins. she sure has grown since I seen her last. Love to all, Gigi

Anonymous said...

Allie is such a big girl already!! It's sad not to be able to participate in their weekly growth!! The blogs help, but it's just not like hugs and smiles and talking to them! Can't wait to do some of that in person soon when you get back from your family time and it fits your schedule. The 3 cousins are so cute floating in the lake! Some great memories are starting! Hugs and prayers, G-gran

Kim said...

Actually, Cuppycake is a little bit shorter than the twins. The camera angle makes her look taller though!

Lauren and Jeff said...

The kids look adorable in their patriotic outfits! I'm so glad we could pass that dress down to Allie! It's a tradition for us now that Morgan wears a red, white and blue outfit for her birthday, so we'll have another dress to pass along to Allie for next year if you want it (I hope to post pics of it on our blog soon).

P.S. Tell Lucas and Logan they look "adorable," too! ;)

the monkeys' mama said...

joel and i were sad about the Boston fireworks, too. good times, good memories

PS Cuppycakes! love the nickname!

Kim said...

Allie would LOVE to wear Morgan's hand-me-downs :) I didn't tell Lucas and Logan they looked cute because their heads are big enough as it is!