July 05, 2010

Our 4th: Part 1

Since the 4th was on a Sunday, we got to do a lot of celebrating before the holiday even began! On Friday we had some new neighbor friends over for grilled pizza. It was so fun to hang out with them! We are so grateful that God brought such great friends into our lives so quickly! We also were incredibly surprised how much grown up conversation we had with 5 kiddos running around!

E pushing B on the little swing.

Ryan stops by to see if he can have a turn.

Instead Chris gave the kids rides on the big swings!

Allie LOVES the evergreens. She likes to touch them and give them hugs. The house next door has a row of trees, and she went down the row hugging each one...

Turns out I'm not the only shutterbug!

The girls

The boys


Anonymous said...

I have to admit, I love these pictures but the ones of Allie hugging the bushes made me nervous. I'm so allergic to those things, I could see her getting hives. Was she alright?? Looks like you guys had a big 4th of July that lasted a long time. Thanks for the up-date. Poppy was just on here and it wasn't here, he came up from the basement and said, "are those new pictures?" I was just on there. haha. Nana just timed it right. See you soon.

Catherine said...

OMG Kim how did I miss the tree hugging?? That is so stinkin halarious! Great shots! Thanks for posting!

Kim said...

Catherine, you probably missed the tree hugging because you were busy trying to keep an eye on my other speedy child!
Nana, she hasn't ever gotten hives from hugging the trees (and she hugs at least one every time we are out). It's exciting to know that's an allergy they don't have! For the record - they are also NOT allergic to cats!

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures of Allie hugging the bushes. and Ry-guy with his friend and not just all girls to be with. Gigi