July 22, 2010

Twins on Vacation

The twins did some amazing things (amazing to me, at least) during our vacation that definitely made me realize that they really aren't babies anymore.

They discovered that the boxes for the board books Gigi bought them made great hats, and after that they wore them almost constantly!

One of the first days I explained to them how to do something (not thinking that they understood and truly assuming I would have to do it myself). I said, "OK?" they responded "'kay" and then did exactly what I said!

Allie, upset that she couldn't find her sippy cup, tried to steal Ryan's. Not sure where hers was, I asked Ryan if sis could have a sip when he was finished because she was super thirsty and couldn't find her cup. He ran out of the room (I assumed because he didn't want to share), and came back in with Allie's sippy cup - which he gave to Papa to give to her!

Allie, multiple times, took Gigi's animal puzzles (the kind with big chunky animals that have handles and pictures to show their spots) and put all of the animals in the correct spaces. In fact, sitting and putting together the puzzles was one of her favorite things to do!

They started making animal noises! They bark or pant for a dog, holler for a lion, and even do the elephant (my personal favorite - they lift their hand up and do a noisy raspberry!)

On the plane, Ryan spilled some of my water on his leg. He immediately grabbed for my napkin (I assumed to play), and then wiped it off!
They started dancing! A funny, Lord of the Dance, rapid footwork type of dancing!

Allie became much more communicative. While I know she understands, she rarely says actual words. But over vacation she started saying things I understand! That was an exciting breakthrough!

I've mentioned that the twins don't sleep well on vacation, and this one was no exception! This was the scene many nights...hours after bedtime. This particular picture was taken at roughly midnight, and the twins had awakened roughly 5 times since we put them to bed.

The twins finally got the concept of holding the phone to their ear! I realized (when the pedi asked me if they copy me by doing this) that I almost always talk on speaker so that I can change diapers, throw balls, catch charging toddlers, etc., and they didn't really know that phones are supposed to be held up to your ear! I started working with them on this, and over vacation it clicked! Now they walk around with any phone they find (or remote, or toy, or banana) and hold it up to their ear and say, "Hello!" Sometimes they even mimic the intonations of a conversation in their jabber! More than once I've heard them say, "Ya. Uh-huh, " like me! Now I'm wondering if it was such a good idea to teach them how to use a phone...

Every day of vacation they did new things that made them seem so old. I LOVE this phase - it's so much fun. But I do have to say that each new thing makes me a little sad because they are growing up SO fast!

By this point the situation was actually starting to seem humorous! It didn't the next morning when Lucas and I had only gotten a few hours of sleep. By the last night we had all the kinks worked out, and the twins slept the entire night! Apparently we needed a longer vacation :)

Even though I have NO pictures of the plane ride home (I feel terrible that I didn't get a picture of their first time on a plane!), I have to mention it because it was ABOVE spectacular! We had the best seatmates (members of a band that were on their way to meet with a label and hopefully be signed!). The guy I was sitting next to has a baby boy due in October and he was incredibly into playing with Ryan and asking questions. Unfortunately, I forgot to ask to listen to their music, but I can tell you that I will be a HUGE fan of this band because they are an incredible group of guys that my children LOVED (and that says a lot to me)!! I'm not going to mention their name (because they don't have a website or contract or anything I don't want to jinx them), but as soon as I find out if they're public, I'll do a little post as an introduction because we liked them that much. With their help the twins had a fun and fuss free ride home (it helped that there were also NO delays!)!!!


Anonymous said...

Our babies are so smart:) I knew they would be!!! Cute pictures but tired eyes. I remember those days! Lucas loved putting puzzles together too. Nana

Anonymous said...

At least I got the morning time with them. The twins were a blast when mom and Dad left to get some sleep and Gigi and Popa got some fun time with them. would have helped with the night shift but they wanted mom and dad. was a great week thanks for spending it with us.Gigi