July 14, 2012

Our Fourth

Our actual 4th was pretty low-key.  Our dear friends from seminary - with whom we have "vacationed" (or at least spent the day) every summer since we met - were visiting.  We were a stop on their way home (to the East Coast) from Ohio, and the 4th was the only full fay we had with them.  So we spent some time chilling:
 Playing piano:
 You know, just hanging out.  The highlight of the day (for the twins) was when Uncle Josh took them fishing.  Our little lake is actually pretty good for fishing...but we have no poles.  My kids like to "fish" with long sticks they pick up, but they are always disappointed when they catch nothing.  So this was big.
Picking out a bobber.
 The bait.
 Allie and Uncle Josh
 Ry-guy and Daddy
 Waiting for fish.
 Checking out their catch.
Allie - soft-hearted lover of all things (living and non) wanted to kiss every fish (isn't the look on Uncle Josh's face classic?!)

 Uncle Josh taught them about the kind of fish they were catching (sunfish/bluegill), the potentially ouchy spikes on their back, etc.  They loved it.
 Pretty soon Ryan switched to fish with Uncle Josh because...well...Daddy wasn't catching anything!
 Reeling in his first fish (he loved reeling them in by himself)!
 Daddy's first catch!
 Showing off our fish 
(I only got a picture of Allie with a fish because she delighted in seeing and touching each one, while Ryan only wanted to reel them in, take them off the hook, throw them back, and catch something BIGGER!)

 We kept a few fish in a bucket for the twins to get an up-close look, then dumped them back at the end (if you look closely, you can see a fish about to be dumped)
They caught somewhere around 10 fish (I lost count, but we hit double digits) in the hour or so we were there.  It was a lot of fun.
And, of course, we took the classic group picture.
Does it look like a few are missing?  Their 2 oldest were with the grandparents for Grandparent Camp!

It was so wonderful to squeeze in our annual visit.  We are so thankful for our great friends and look forward to next year!
p.s. for previous group pictures see Here,   HERE, HeRe,  here, or the very first HERE!


Anonymous said...

Well I understand Ryan wanted to be with the guy catching fish. at least if thats what you are doing after all. Alethea will probably hate the picture of her kissing the fish someday. But good to see Josh and Kim again and little one at least. Thanks for pictures cute one of kids too. with love, Gigi

Anonymous said...

I thought there were kids missing...i kept thinking why aren't they in the pictures and why is Josh paying so much attention to the twins...then when I read on it all made sense. Very nice fish allie and ryan. Good Job. Hugs from Nana