August 01, 2005

A Fish Story

This past weekend (Thursday through Saturday) we were invited by our neighbors (Josh, Kim, and baby Laura Jane) to go with them to stay at a friend's cabin in New Hampshire on Lake Wicwas. It was an amazing weekend filled with laughter, sunshine, swimming, good food, and great fellowship with new friends. However, I think it would be safe to say that the highlight of the weekend was the fishing. Neither Lucas nor I have fished since we were little, so Josh was excited to get Lucas out on the lake and rejuvinate in him the joy of fishing. Now Kim and I had done some fishing off the dock the first night and caught more than Josh had caught out on the lake, so we requested that he leave two poles behind for us. The guys set out in the canoe with a high tech fish finder, four rather splendind poles, and a lot of fishing experience in Josh to catch dinner while we women stayed back at the cabin with the baby. Well, Kim and I decided that, since we had caught most of the fish so far, we should probably head down to the dock and see what we could catch before the guys got back. Once there, we discovered that the poles left for us didn't cast or reel, so we were fishing Huck Finn style with poles that were the modern equivalent of a stick and some fishing line. Long story short...three hours later Josh and Lucas returned with a high tech fish finder, four rather splendid poles, a rather disenheartened but expereinced fisherman, and no fish while Kim and I met them with three catfish and a bluegill caught right off the dock with our "Mark Twain" poles!!! The guys ended up going back out to salvage some of their masculinity and caught a mess of bluegill and a nice sized yellow perch (Lucas and I are both so excited not only to know the names, but also to know what they look like for future reference!). Lucas and I also learned how to filet and fry the fish which means we had the experience of bringing our dinner literally from the lake to our plates.


Calah said...

LOL :) That's great!


aunt flower lady said...

hello sure sounds like a fun week-end. guys think they need all of this fancy fishing gear to catch fish, when in reality all they need is girls with a stick and some string. way to go girls!!!!!
I always out fish Pat too. I'll bet they were good eating.
lots of love aunt darleen

Mom Denise said...

I love this fish story and I love Blue Gill Fish. Uncle Dave can really cook them up tasty. Sounds like you two are having so much fun. Do they feel slimy like they look??? Just wondering; see'in that I'll probably never go fishing. haha...Dad is home and we are starting to get things together to come your way. Love the blogs keep writing. buh bye

maggen said...

so cool! sounds like you had a blast :o)
and kudos to the kims for catching so many fish, even with the crummy poles!

lotsa love, see you soon!!!!

Anonymous said...

Way to go girls! What's the matter guys no comment are we holding our tails between our legs?To be honest I would rather read a book then fish or eat it. But it does sound like you had alot of fun. love ya lots, mom R.

Anonymous said...

Auntie foos sounds like you two stay very busy. Oh to young again. It is great to be able keep up with what you are doing. God bless you both love aunt in okie land.