July 21, 2012

Boat Ride!

We don't have a boat.  I can't imagine us having a boat anywhere in the near future.  But we know people who have boats, and one of those couples invited us over to their house (on a neighboring lake) for a bbq and boat ride.
Getting ready to head out.  Ry-guy with his cheesy camera smile and Allie too focused on what was happening with the boat :)
 We took a ride around the lake just to see what was there and the amazing houses (some of them have nicer yards than I will ever have of a house...just gorgeous).  Then we pulled out the tube for some rides.  Lucas was first.  The twins thought it was hilarious that we were going to pull Daddy behind the boat!
 Watching Daddy.
 They were desperate to get in the water, so as soon as we finished the tube rides they wee jumping off the dock and swimming around.  Daddy helped them on the tube and pulled them around a bit.  They thought that was pretty funny.
Just another part of lake life that we are enjoying this summer!

p.s.  Ryan was telling me about how he just went on a boat ride recently, and I was so confused because we never go on boat rides.  Then he told me he went with Nana and Gigi and I was even more confused because I couldn't remember us ever going on one with them here.  Then he told me Baby H went too, and I was convinced he was imagining it and then I remembered our River Walk Cruise!  Memory of steel, that one.

Update: the couple who invited us over surprised us at church today with a photo book of all the pictures she took that evening (I forgot my real camera and was so bummed.  The phone can only do so much...).  We are so blessed to have such amazing people in our lives!


Anonymous said...

ry guy sure has a good memory. thanks for the blog ...love see'in the pictures.

Anonymous said...

wow R guy you do have a good memory. And mom needs to work on hers some too. enjoyed the pics. Gigi

Kim said...

Hey now! It isn't that I need to work on MY memory. I was just thinking of lake boat rides. The river tour was way different. That's why I forgot!