July 18, 2012

So You Had a Bad Day

We had a bit of a bad day... Remember our Taekwon Do classes that we love?  Well they sort of ended...abruptly...9 hours before class with no prior notice.  It became a morning of e-mails and texts - some of them tense and not so fun.  But mostly, I was just so sad - so sad that I had to tell my children that one of their favorite things had ended.  To soften the blow, Lucas and I decided we would do something special this evening.  

So, I told the kids, and they were sad.  Then I told them that we were going on an adventure and they were so excited!  There was just one problem...we didn't know what our adventure was going to be.  We thought and looked and googled and thought some more, but it turns out there isn't a lot in our area for last-minute adventures...in the end we decided on a routine, but still exciting, trip to the local ice creamery for a treat.  We were a little bummed we couldn't provide something more exciting or out of the ordinary.

Then we walked out the door to get in the van and Allie started yelling, "I see something!  I see something!"  Turn out she saw a turtle
The twins are convinced that the turtle was their beloved Tuck from Wonder Pets.
 They were thrilled that they got to pet him.  We ended up taking him back to the water (there is nothing but streets near us, and we wanted to save him the long - and potentially dangerous - walk).  It was incredibly exciting and a fun boost to the evening!

Then we had ice cream.  Yum!

I am always telling the twins that we can choose our attitude, and that we can choose whether or not to let a "bad" day BE a bad day.  I discovered today that when the disappointment of my children is on the line, it becomes much more difficult to choose a positive attitude when I just want to be angry.  But thankfully I have children for whom I want to set a good example (especially when it comes to handling disappointments) to help me rise to the challenge.  What started as a bad day ended up being a really great adventure :)


Anonymous said...

proud of you Kim! It is tough when something affects your children negatively. I think as parents we take it even harder than they do. But, God does provide for us if our eyes and ears are open to it. A turtle visiting just when you need a special visitor. Thank you Lord! I too felt the hurt and loss of this for them. But once again You came through. You are a precious gift from our Lord and I thank him for you everyday. Love you, Mom and Gigi

Anonymous said...

Ditto ...just like Gigi..I agree with everything she said. You can make it a bad day or change it to a good one. Good work mommy!! Nana

Anonymous said...

God is so delightful!! What a neat surprise to have His turtle at the right place at the right moment!! Life is good, Grandma