July 17, 2012

Lovin' Lake Life

I'm sure I've mentioned it before, but I LOVE our location in the summer.  Can life get any better than a sandy beach and a beautiful lake within biking/walking distance?  How about 3 beaches around our beautiful lake?  We haven't been able to go swimming as much as we would like because we've been gone/really, really busy.  But we have managed to squeeze in more than a handful of trips the last few weeks - all in the mornings because the afternoons have been crazy hot!  
 They love jumping off the dock and this year they are taller/the water level is lower so they can do it by themselves!

 Ryan loves jumping off the dock more than Allie, so she practiced her swimming while he jumped.  Currently, she is obsessed with swimming backwards/floating on her back (note: she is not sitting in the water - this water is chest high on her, so both feet up means she is legitimately swimming/floating)
 Taking a break.
 Practicing swimming forward.
My favorite pictures are the ones where, if you didn't know they were jumping IN, you would almost think they had suddenly taken flight and were heading UP.  Like a superhero.
Super Ryan!
 Super Allie!
 A morning at the lake is most fun when enjoyed with friends.  Here are the twins snacking with one of their bestest friends, Little L.
After a morning at the lake we are always return home physically tired, but refreshed and relaxed in spirit.  After a morning at the lake, I'm convinced there is no better place for kids to grow up.  We're livin' the good life and we love it!


Anonymous said...

Its hard to believe they are big enough to jump off by themself and they have improved on their swimming too. Love to see them having so much fun. Gigi

Anonymous said...

love the lake and the pictures of them in it...maybe we can get one more trip up north to the park and lake before summer is gone. Hugs from Nana