May 30, 2010

Adventures Continued...

Today we had a wonderful reunion with some friends from seminary. We headed to Ohio and spent the afternoon with 3 other couples and their kids. I cannot completely express how wonderful it was to spend time with these friends. When we first met them only 1 of the children was born. During our time together at seminary, 2 more came along. It was amazing to sit there with them today and see those 3 children running around and playing together (seeming so grown up!) with 5 more added to the mix! It was also a little incredible to collectively share our joys, hopes, and struggles in life and ministry - the ministry we dreamed about and attempted to prepare for together at seminary.
This post would be VERY long if I attempted to describe all of the mini-adventures of our reunion, so I will just give a few bullet points :)
  • The twins discovering their dog - uncontrollable giggles!
  • Seeing LJ & JJ who we have watched grow throughout the years.
  • Discovering how close we are to our friends - hopefully we'll see them much sooner and more often!
  • Ry-guy falling and bumping his head - his biggest gash yet. Thank goodness one of our friends is a nurse (which kept mommy calm), and they had a nice supply on band-aids (since this wasn't the only blood we saw...when you get 8 kids 5 & under together, boo-boos are bound to happen!).
  • Allie stuffing her mouth so full of watermelon that she looked like a chipmunk!
  • Lucas playing various games with the older kids - and them calling him "Uncle" Lucas!
  • The twins wanting so desperately to play with the big kids.
  • Ryan building towers with the blocks.
  • Allie knocking down every block tower.
  • Good conversation with dear friends - even if it was in disjointed snippets between chasing children, kissing boo-boos, redirecting, playing, etc.
  • Laughing children - there's nothing better!

It was a wonderful day, and tomorrow we're on to our next adventure - a visit to Nana!


Anonymous said...

Wow! What a lot of precious wonderful moments sharing lives and kids! How special to spend time with others that are walking the same walk as you are! How fun that the twins are old enough to get right in the mix--great pictures! Lots of love and prayers, G-gran

Anonymous said...

poor Ryan he is always the one to get the good bumps and sliver too. Please don't follow uncle Matt into those things. Did Allie draw anything with her chalk she had in both hands. love you guys, Gigi

Kim said...

She didn't draw anything, but she did bite a chunk out of the chalk!

Anonymous said...

You might mention that poppy directed the ship to come in to a near port so he could see you, Lucas, and the kids. Thanks, again for my thermos mug. I love it.


Anonymous said...

what a bunch of happy friends! love all the kids and see'in them have so much fun. Poor Ry..the guy with the bump. Bless his heart. hugs ...Nana

the monkeys' mama said...

oh the poor little bandaid on Ryan's forehead. Hope we get to spend some real time with you soon...did i mention that i'll be in Hillsdale from the 13-18th?

Kim said...

Please, tell me you are coming to visit when you're in the Dale! Just you, or girlies too?