July 01, 2012

The Lake House - Part 2

And now the pictures from the rest of our adventure!

This trip included some special surprises such as:
The twins’ first freezie pops!

A fun tube for floating.
And a special visit from baby raccoons 
(we actually got the twins out of bed after bedtime so they could see the 4 babies come up the walk and play in the woods).
And it included some of our favorite traditions such as:
Eating on the deck (no matter how cold).

And visiting our favorite park (3 times actually…).
We got our usual pictures.

And then I started thinking that I wondered what the progression looked like through our years of being there…so I put them together, just for fun.

Can you believe they were ever that little?  Can you believe they got so big so quickly?  These collages are so bittersweet.  I’ll try to focus on the sweet J


Anonymous said...

Wow..kinda tears....but I like this age but I miss those little ones too. Thanks for the blog...Love them all.

Anonymous said...

I with you bitter sweet but we will be thankful for the sweet. I too enjoy this age but I have at all the ages so far. I love being a gigi

Anonymous said...

The side by sides are precious!! How time flies. Enjoy every day as memories last forever!! Memories are a special gift from God that lifts our hearts; some make us sad but thankful, too. Life is good, Grandma