June 03, 2010

Adventures Up North: Part I

3 1/2 days, 474 pictures, and too many fun stories (and memories) to count later we are home after visiting Nana (and Poppy!). I cannot even begin to relate all the fun we had, so I will let the pictures do the talking (in several posts because 474 pictures don't fit in one post!). This first set of pictures could be titled "People We Saw."

Ry-guy playing chase with Great-Grandma
Allie dancing for joy with Great Grandma's TP
(note: sadly my memory card was full when Allie ate a fistful of dirt while visiting Great Grandma!)
Mr. D tries to enjoy his pie while the twins play behind him :)
Uncle Pat laughing at Ryan's antics.
Pat & Darlene stopped by and the twinners put on a show!
Poppy's boat came in while we were there and we got to see him (WE being Lucas and I...unfortunately, he was home during the night. But he DID peek in on the sleeping twinners).
This isn't ALL of the people we saw, but these were the one's we saw while I had my camera in hand :)
Highlight: seeing the town police officer and him turning the car lights on for the twins.


Anonymous said...

I think I missed a lot of fun at Great Grandmas house. The time went by way too fast. I hope we can do it again. I'll have to fill out that pastor's visit card again. Hugs..Nana

the monkeys' mama said...

Yay that you saw Lucas' dad! I love your pictures and the angles! Very good!

Lauren and Jeff said...

I just love that Grandma Dot stays young and plays on the floor with the kids! I want to be just like her when I grow up! :)