June 22, 2010

At the Circus!

While at Wendy's with Kelsey, we discovered they were giving away free kids tickets to Circus Pages. We grabbed some just in case we might want to go (and some extras because we knew we would want to go with someone else). Later that week I contacted Aunt Min to see if Cuppycake (and parents) might like to go to the circus with us and the answer was yes! Here our some pictures from the cousins' first time visiting the Big Top.
Visiting the elephants before the show. The twins loved being so close. Mommy loved it more...

Hanging out before the show. 3 kiddos, 3 parents. What will we do when we're outnumbered?
Not the best picture, I know. But it was very difficult to get a decent one with Allie so intent on STUFFING her face so full she couldn't smile!

Notice every kiddo had a snack!

I didn't need 2 pictures of the cousins hanging out before the circus, but the first one is the only one where part of Allie's face was turned toward the camera, and I love that I caught Cuppycake playing with the hair bow of the girl in front of her in the second pic!

The circus had a lot of animals: lions & tigers, camels, elephants, ponies, dogs. Ryan loved all the animals and would reach out and wave to them!

Isn't she cute?!

She isn't small because we were so far away. This trapeze artist is small because she's 7! In fact, a number of the circus performers were children. It is a family business and EVERYONE in the family got involved - from trapeze to motorcycles to hula hooping (she managed to keep 75 going!) to filling in for their ringmaster dad when he was performing - those kids did a little bit of everything!

Harper & Allie got bored with the show so we let them run around behind the bleachers.
Ultimately, they were a little young to fully enjoy the circus (which I knew, but still thought it would be fun to try). We didn't stay for the end. The motorcycles came out and the noise freaked Allie out. We had to go outside and then she cried every time I tried to go back in...but we made some fun memories, and had a blast with Cousin Cuppycake & Aunt Min!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the trip to see the animals!!! I can see that they tickled the kids as well. Can't wait until we can join you to see them! Lots of love and hugs. G-gran

Anonymous said...

How fun!! Looks like it wasn't a total waste. I think it was just too long for them. Love the pics. Thanks Kim! Hugs from Nana

Anonymous said...

Good to see cuppycakes again, my she is growing up fast too. Looking forward to seeing you soon. Gigi