June 29, 2010

Garage Saling

This past weekend our lake community had their annual community yard sale. Lucas and I had been planning for months to go around to as many sales as possible. Partly to get some great deals, but mostly to meet as many people in the community as possible.

The twins really had a blast. They enjoyed seeing lots of new places, running around in new yards, and playing with new toys (most of which I will confess we did not buy...). The twins were also a big hit at the garage sales! We discovered that a lot of people recognized us as the people they often see with the "2 cute babies!"

I was excited to find SO many great deals! Such as 2 airplane swings for a total of $1 (confession - 1 was free), a slide/swing combo for $10, numerous books (including many of my childhood favorites) each roughly 25 cents, and a Step 2 play place (in amazing shape and perfect for their age and size) for $75!!! All in all I got tons of toys, books, clothes, and outdoor fun items (of which we previously had almost nothing) for less than $100!!! I call that a success! Lucas found some great deals as well including a leaf blower and a fire pit ($10 each).

Most of all, we accomplished the goal of meeting new neighbors! Lucas and I both felt like our lake community suddenly became a more familiar place. Houses are no longer just buildings, they now contain familiar faces (in which there are people whose names we hopefully can remember!). Now that we have met more people all around the lake, our walks, bike rides, and jogs will, most likely, be filled with more conversations (as opposed to nods and waves). It definitely made us feel more at home to meet more of the people in our community.
Look for pictures of us having fun with our new toys!!!


Anonymous said...

Wow sounds like you did get alot of good deals since I have been pricing some of the same things I can really know you did. Looks like a fun back yard to play in . do they like the airplane swings?
love ya Gigi

Lauren and Jeff said...

Those are awesome deals! Way to go!

Melanie said...

Nice finds! I LOVE to garage sale. (is that a verb?) Anyway, about the swim lessons. . .we actually just started both girls last winter. Well, Paige took group lessons before that (I do NOT recommend.) A gal in our church is certified and teaches them privately. It is a huge blessing and well worth the money. Alaina started in March, so she was just under 2. Basically, for that age she gets them comfortable going under and they learn when it's appropriate to hold their breath. It was stuff I could have been doing, but was afraid to, as her mom. Paige made HUGE strides. I would definitely start by age 2 and private lessons are the way to go! Hope that helps!

Anonymous said...

Those are great deals!! Yay for You and Babies!! Nana