June 09, 2010

A Day at the Miller Water Park

Sorry for the lack of new postings. We had a rough week last week. Not only were we trying to go down to 1 nap a day (fail), but I was getting up every morning at 5:45 am to go swimming (so tired), and we were doing serious battle with a persistent diaper rash (oh the screaming!). I just didn't have the energy to blog before I collapsed into bed. This week has been much better. We went back to 2 naps (so happy!), I'm only swimming 2-3 mornings a week (I LOVE sleep), and, while the diaper rash war still rages, we appear to be winning! The Pedi suggested that I let them go diaper free as much as possible, so I did my best to keep them in areas that would be easy to clean. Here are some pictures of our homemade water park :)
(p.s. I'm not usually one to post nakey pictures, but they literally spent the majority of their time sans clothes, so that's all I have...)

We pretended the tub was an indoor pool, and spent lots of time playing in there.

They also got to play in mommy & daddy's bathroom. We have a walkout shower, so I opened one door, turned on the shower, and let them choose between playing in the bathroom or the water.

The toilet paper roll was an exciting toy...

Ry-guy tried climbing in the cabinet under the sink...

And his sister promptly tried shutting him in (she did shut him in the closet later in the week...)

Playing with the hand-held shower sprayer was fun.

Allie cleaned her tummy.

Ryan cleaned his fish.

A few times we let them play on the tile in the kitchen & dining room.

Ryan like playing with the salad bowls (all washed before we used them again!)

Allie opened as many cabinets and drawers as she was able.

On the nice days we spent a lot of time outside in our pool.

They are fans of splashing from outside the pool rather than getting in...

Here you can see them throwing their toys out of the play yard.

Here you can see their distress when they no longer had any toys in the play yard.

Here you can see their response when I mimicked them crying over the toys!

We had very few casualties - Ry-guy did manage to pee INSIDE of my hutch where I keep my nice dishes, and Allie left a poo pile in the hallway (that we didn't discover until they had been down for naps for a little while, although I thought I smelled something!). And, it was so effective at clearing up the diaper rash that I didn't even care!


Anonymous said...

You have quite the stories, Kim. I think they should have a television series about your adventures. Keep up the blogging when you are not totally exhausted. We love it and the kids will love reading it in the years to come. A virtual diary.


Anonymous said...

Miller Park looks like a happy place. Loved the curls all over Allie's head!! So cute. And Ry-guy what a little man. They sure looked like they were having fun, but what will you do when diaper rash is gone and they want to go to the Miller Park? Something to think about. Good Work Mommy! Hugs Nana

Anonymous said...

I have to admit I was getting tired of see'in those animals on the last blog. I was sure the computer was down or something was wrong. I didn't want to say anything because I don't know how you do it when times are good, you are so busy. You probably know there are a lot of people clicking on this blog everyday, sometimes 3 times a day waiting for the next adventure. haha

Kelsey said...

As long as the rash clears up is all that matters!! Glad they are doing better! :) I hope you got at least a little rest on your birthday yesterday! Love you!

Lauren and Jeff said...

I always feel so sad for all of you because you have the worst obstacles all of the time! But, then I see the great ways you overcome them! Yay Team Miller!

Anonymous said...

When I looked at this earlier no comments. so was surprised to see so many already. I agree with Kelsey rashes go away. But Miller water play can happen when mom says so. right? love ya and they are so sweet in their play. Gigi

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm wondering how you are going to convince them that they have to go back to diapers!! I had our boys take 2 naps a day as long as I could get away with it. Made for happier boys in the end as they didn't get overtired. I loved all the pictures. Not a bit embarrassing when they get older and see them! You are one sweet mom, Kim!! Love and prayers, G-gran

Kim said...

So far, I haven't had a problem putting diapers on them when its time...knock on wood! Thanks for the kind words, Lauren!

Melanie said...

You are so great about making tough times so much fun for your kiddos. I love the stories, it takes me back. My girls still would rather play around the pool, than get inside. Though this summer they are getting in more. And the cheerios. . .for us it's usually dog food! It's fun to see them give you a run for your money. You handle it perfectly. Thanks for sharing your life with us.