June 04, 2010

Adventures Up North: Part II

"Fun We Had"
Playing with the big bouncy balls
Dipping their feet in Lake Huron for the first time!
Memorial Day Picnic (you can't see Allie's cheeks, but they were impressively stuffed with watermelon!)
On the bridge with daddy (who had his picture in the paper on the same bridge when he was a toddler!)
Sliding with daddy!

Climbing the steps on the playplace.
She would NOT leave a tower standing.
Nana & Poppy's schoolbus was a HUGE hit!
They loved all the "new" toys!


Lauren and Jeff said...

Looks like fun! I never really noticed it before, Kim, but Allie looks a lot like you! I see a strong resemblance in the photo of her knocking over the tower.

~ Lauren

Kim said...

Funny...another friend told me she saw the resemblance in that same picture! It's nice to have evidence that she's got a little me in her :)

Anonymous said...

Kim..you need to show a picture of Lake Huron the one with their feet don't look like there is any water :)
Don't forget to put the eating picture of Ry with his foot on the bar. That is the one I'm waiting for. haha.....hugs from Nana

the monkeys' mama said...

okay i've always thought that Allie looked just like you but i agree that this picture sealed the deal! I loved their Memorial Day outfits and i loved the picture of them on the bridge where Lucas was featured as a kid. Neat!

Anonymous said...

I agree. Up until now Allie to me has looked just like Lucas in his baby pictures but I see Kim in that one too! I thought Morgan looked exactly like Jeff when she was born now I see both. Cool Stuff!! Haha Nana