June 23, 2010

Weekend Recap

We had a wonderfully busy weekend, full of friends & fun!

It started Friday with a visit from our dear friends from college and their 2 girls - The Cuties! I'm just so dissappointed that I didn't get more pictures...
Cutie Face playing with the twins

I love this progression of pictures as we were trying to set up the camera and timer!

J & Cutie Face
J, Cutie Face, Lucas, and an unhappy Ry-guy
The whole gang! J, Cutie Face, A, Cutie Cakes, Me, Allie, Lucas, Ryan.

My children are obviously thrilled to be taking this picture!

We had to get this picture since these two have something very special in common!

Friday night, a couple in our church gave us the amazing gift of free babysitting! We ended up getting together with a couple across the lake who have become new friends. We enjoyed a nice dinner and a fun night of games. But the real excitement of the evening was a sudden, strong storm. At first we were confident that it was a sudden storm blowing through, then we started to get a little worried (and I called our babysitters who reassured me everything was under conrtol), then the storm blew over and we discovered that the wind was so strong it knocked over their wooden swing set & fort! We discovered over the next few days that the storm uprooted trees, damaged houses, knocked out power for days, and overturned a semi!

On Saturday we had some new friends (one of whom is training for the mini-tri with me!) over for pancakes after the girls did an early morning swim. Sadly, this is the only picture I got. We forgot to run the dishawasher the night before, and had no clean plates. So we had to use our Disney kiddie plates & our china! Only the best for our guests!

The rest of Saturday we had free and enjoyed playing and relaxing at home.

Since peekaboo is big right now, this is a common sight at our house. Two little ghosties running around, bumping into things, until you've asked where they are enough times that they are ready to reveal their hiding spot!

Sunday, as we all know, was Father's Day. Unfortunately, the teething twinners were cranky & daddy felt under the weather. So, I didn't get the adorable father/kiddos pictures I had planned. These are the only 2 decent ones I got the entire day :(
Daddy reading his gift (we have a "tradition" of giving him a book to read with the twins.
Ryan kissing Daddy's card. The twinners picked out a puppy dog card, and Ryan was in love. He took it from Daddy & carried it around giving it hugs and kisses!
And now we are officially caught up!


Anonymous said...

Hi Kim, Sounds like you are making new friends and getting aquainted well in your new world. Fun to see the kids. Blessings upon you all. G-gran

Lauren and Jeff said...

That's a cool tradition with the father's day book. Although, the book in the photo looks a little thick to be reading to 1-year-olds ... which begs the question, what book did you get him?

Anonymous said...

It is good to be caught-up! Love to all Nana

Kim said...

Shel Silverstein "Where the Sidewalk Ends" the silly poems and fun rhymes are good for ALL ages!

Anonymous said...

Like how Alethea saw the camera and was looking too. Gigi

Kelsey said...

AWESOME book!!! Nice! Sorry your kiddos don't feel well...can't wait for all the teeth to be in!

the monkeys' mama said...

Yay for some decent pictures! I have a few and am working on our post right now...good times!