June 30, 2012

The Lake House

My apologies for the silence.  We had our annual work-cation at the lake house – that time every year when Lucas spends a week planning, organizing, and preparing for the upcoming year at the church…while the twins and I enjoy a relaxing vacation.  The one thing about lake house week is that we have no internet.  I made sure to schedule some posts for the time we were gone (to continue the flow and prevent a large gap between posts - haha).  I took the time to edit the pictures at the lake house so they would be ready to upload and go.  I even wrote out posts in word documents so I could just copy and paste and publish!  Easy peasy!  Except…it turns out that I sort of love not having internet.  It is delightful what I can get accomplished when I'm not distracted by facebook or e-mail or blogs!  And since we had all sorts of busyness when we returned home, and it involved a lot that needed to get accomplished, I simply kept going as if I had no internet.  Sorry, grandparents.  I know you are the ones the long silences hurt the most…

And now the posts that I pre-wrote seem completely irrelevant, so I’m starting fresh (fewer stories, more pictures).
We had a blast!  Our time, of course, involved a LOT of swimming:

This year we took some rides on the peddle paddle boat.  The twins also enjoyed jumping off the back...

 ...even though it was safely on shore!
We also did a lot of hiking,
and running,
and playing in the grassy field.

This year we even took the time to get a picture next to the big totem pole!
Look at their excitement!
There was a lot more…but I discovered that, if I included it all in 1 post, it would have 26 pictures…and that is a little ridiculous.  Hopefully this will tide the grandparents over until the next post.  I promise it will pop up soon!


Anonymous said...

Finally.............. Love it!

Anonymous said...

papa and Gigi are happy too. checked it every day since you were back. Thanks, Gigi

Anonymous said...

I checked and checked and then didn't check and should have! It was worth the wait!! Hugs, love and prayers, Grandma

Anonymous said...

I think I miss this post. Cute pics
Hugs from Nana