May 27, 2012

Texas Adventures Part 1: Riverwalking

Fast forward a few days and 18 hours worth of road trip and we are in Texas!  While the main attraction was my nephew's first birthday party, we couldn't pass up the opportunity to experience the Riverwalk and Alamo.  Did I mention that, in Texas, my mom, the twins and I joined up with Lucas, Nana, Poppy and Little Grandma at Lala and Uncle G's house?  They aren't pictured here, but this was a big family adventure!

I told Ryan we were going on an adventure and he immediately asked, "Will there be an elevator or escalator?" don't think so..."Oh...well it will be okay, I guess."  Thank goodness the Riverwalk is actually right by the mall (where we parked) and we got to ride an elevator and escalator to get down to the water!  He deemed the adventure an instant success!
The twins were instantly enthralled with the bridge, and the water, and the boats!  I was terrified by how they constantly wanted to stick their heads through the bars...

We had Little Grandma with us, so instead of walking the whole Riverwalk, we did a boat tour!
After the boat tour we ate at one of the restaurants along the water, and then we headed over to (quickly) see the Alamo.  I know my children will probably not remember it, but I couldn't pass up the chance to get a picture of all of us at the Alamo to show they were there once!
We are not in the picture below, but I needed a picture with the classic roof line.
We also hit up a t-shirt shop for some souvenirs - a perfect end to a touristy adventure! 


Anonymous said...

It seemed like it was a blurr....probably because we flew. It was so nice having everyone there for Hudson' party. I'm ready for a visit with the twins up-north here. I feel like we haven't spent time with them for along time. Nana

Anonymous said...

I love the picture of the Alamo. so historic and beautiful. Grandma