August 10, 2010

Work-cation: Fun at the Lake House

There are SO many pictures from our trip (I would be too embarassed to tell you the actual number), so I'm going to cram them in collages so that I can get as many pictures as possible into as few posts as possible!

Being at a Lake House we spent a lot of time at the lake! The twins loved the water. Ryan had no fear (which scared mommy!). He would walk right in and keep walking...he'd be up to his chin in the water, screaming because you were trying to pick him up to keep him from drowning and he wanted to keep walking on his own! He also very much enjoyed splashing in the water and being tossed in the air (by daddy...mommy doesn't toss high enough). Allie was more into wading than swimming. She didn't like to go too far in on her own, and didn't really want anyone to carry her out too far either. She enjoyed being tossed, but prefered to look for treasures on the beach. My favorite moment was when she picked up a fishing pole (with a globe shaped bobber on the end) and proudly exclaimed "Ball!" We also enjoyed seeing some animals by the water - little fish and frogs!

You may remember that poor daddy got conned into buying the twins some new toys during our recent rough day...well those super fun balls didn't have a long life with us, and they quickly deflated. I felt they were too fun to discard and so I cut out a hole and turned them into fun hats (a big thing in our house right now)! Ryan LOVED his funny blue hat and wore it often. Allie wasn't a huge fan, but obliged us with hers just long enough for a picture. Even Lucas and I got in on the silly hat fun (and apparently neither of us know how to make a normal face when wearing the hat...)!

Speaking of hats, Allie is in a HUGE hat phase right now. Anything that might possibly stay on her head becomes a hat. Here are a few pictures of a few of the hats she found during our stay. She's definitely an accessories girl!

Nana and Great Grandma came to visit us one of the days, and we really enjoyed getting to play with them. The twins' favorite game with Nana istacking block towers and knocking them down. Sometimes Nana stacks the towers, sometimes they do, but it is always the twinners who knock them down!

The place where we were staying used to be a camp, and there were lots of great places to explore, including a wide open field where the twins could run around! That may sound boring, but the twinners (especially Allie) love to run free, and they don't get many opportunities to explore without boundaries (essentially....the trees created boundaries for us!). They set out in the field and Ryan immediately found a ball (football to be exact!), Allie immediately found sticks, and Daddy found a frog! Everyone was thrilled with their findings. There was also a tennis/basketball court and the twins enjoyed playing over there as well.

I have 1 (maybe 2) more picture crammed posts and then I think we will have our trip covered - which is a good thing because I already know of several events this week that will be blog worthy, and I have to get caught up in time :)


Anonymous said...

What fun!! It comes and goes so fast. They probably are happy to be home and in their own house. I bet they missed their toys too :)
Miss you, Nana

Anonymous said...

sounds and looks like a good time for you all. Glad the twins were feeling better too. Gigi

Anonymous said...

What fun to see all those happy pictures. LOVE the hats!! Was a great get-away for everyone. But then isn't home the best place of all? Grandma

Lauren and Jeff said...

We have that same furry ball. Thanks for the fab idea of turning it into a hat when ours pops!

Kim said...

They DID miss their toys...and their chairs, and their books, and their was crazy when we got hom because they were running around hugging and playing with EVERYTHING! Lauren, glad I could help with the idea :)