August 16, 2010

Our Mystery Guest

And the Mystery Guest is......JACK!!!!!!!
Logan and Mindy needed a temporary home for Jack, and we were lucky enough to be chosen! The twins are THRILLED. They LOVE Jack. There will be many tears when he leaves...but we aren't thinking about that now!
Things that I think are so sweet - when Allie sees Jack (especially first thing in the morning) she squeals, "es, ack!!" (It's Jack!) and Ryan often walks by, lifts a hand, and says "iya, ick, ick." Translation = Hiya, Jack, Jack.
I'm a little concerned about Ryan's weight loss - he will happily give ALL of his meals to Jack because he loves having him eat out of his hand!
Allie desperately trying to give Jack a kiss. Jack gets about a dozen kisses from the twins each day - whether he wants them or not!
Papa & Gigi are here, and Jack has taken a liking to them
He has a penchant for sleeping on my clean laundry...
We are loving having a "practice" dog...and if I could be guaranteed to get a dog already trained and as easy as Jack, I'd be seriously tempted to go out and get one the day he leaves. But thankfully I know the odds of that, and am not crazy enough to take my chances!


Lauren and Jeff said...

Fun! And good to know you guys are into dog sitting in case our pup ever needs a temp home. ;)

Anonymous said...

Awe look so happy again. thanks you guys for loving part of Logan & Mindy's family. I wish I lived closer. Keep us posted on how Bible School is going. A big hug and hi to Gigi and Papa.
Nana & Poppy

Kim said...

I didn't KNOW we were into dog sitting (having never had a dog) until they needed someone...but we're really enjoying it! Sweet story - tonight I came home from VBS really stressed (and grumpy) and Jack jumped into my lap snuggled his head under mine, and just cuddled until I calmed down. Sweet, sweet dog :)

Anonymous said...

They say a pet can be the best therapy there is. Except when the pet is ornery and causes too many problems. That would test the patience instead of calm the nerves!! It's a sweet dog that you are watching. Steve looks very happy with it! Animals take such great pictures!! Love, Grandma