August 09, 2010

Our Work-cation: Part 1

This past week we experienced a new kind of trip for us - a work-cation. As part of his contract, Lucas has a Planning Week - a work week, ideally someplace other than the office to be free from distractions, where he is able to plan for the year (sermon series, ministries, outreaches, etc.). The bonus is that the twins and I get to come along. Therefore it is a work week for him, but vacation for us - work-cation! A family in our church was kind enough to let us borrow their lake house up north for the week. It was a wonderful retreat!

The first day, the twins and I actually vacated the lake house and hopped over to Nana & Poppy's to see Poppy before he went back to the boat (literally a few hours after we left). It was a fun day for us (especially since we miss Poppy so much when he's gone), and Lucas got a lot of un-interrupted work time!

Ryan and Poppy play in the bus.
Allie shows Poppy how to stack the blocks.
Ryan and Allie toss balls with Poppy.
Jack was there, and Ryan spent a considerable amount of time trying to give him hugs. This was the closest he got!
It was raining and Allie spent a lot of time staring out the window, watching the rain.
Back at the cabin we spent a lot of time in their fabulous screened in porch. We ate almost all of our meals out there (except for the last morning when it was incredibly cold & windy), played out there, and sat and enjoyed the view.
They don't look thrilled in the picture, but we really did enjoy mealtime out there!
The view of the lake.
The pictures aren't great (since I took them through the screen), but the view was incredible!

More of our Work-cation adventures to follow...once I get a handle on all of the unpacking and laundry!


Anonymous said...

was so good to see the new blog up was missing the twins so bad. Gigi

Anonymous said...

Love the blog as usual...hugs from Nana

the monkeys' mama said...

i cannot believe the twins are wearing jackets in the last picture! I'm jealous!