August 25, 2010

Zoo #4!!

A while back we planned a trip to the Fort Wayne Children's Zoo with our Indy Cousins! This week the trip was finally here! Despite some trouble getting there (I jogged 4 miles the night before and was a little sore and slow, we discovered we only had 3 diapers to last the whole day - or we would have to make a stop, we had an empty gas tank, a warning light came on telling us that one of our tires was dangerously low and needed air - which we discovered after some frantic flipping through the manual - requiring ANOTHER stop, and traffic due to construction), we had a great time once we arrived!
Note: There are tons of pictures and I'm not even sorry - I already cut out a TON!

We discovered that there are a few perks going to a zoo that is specifically for children - things are placed lower and the viewing areas are all designed for short people, there are tons of rides, and there are lots of little places for them to explore and run around! This was great because the twins LOVED running around. This was bad because occassionally we needed them to be in the stroller and this caused massive tantrums every time...but back to the good stuff :)
Driving the jeep at the first interactive area. Allie looks a little wary of her brother's driving...
Cousin M & Allie watching the water. Cousin M was trying to say "hi."
M looking at the lion.
We were able to see the African Journey, Indonesian Rainforest, and most of the Australian Adventure. Keep in mind that this took us almost 5 hours! We didn't ride any rides, we skipped some play places, we hurried through lunch (mostly because of my little girl...had a temper tantrum), and we still didn't see the whole zoo! It's a pretty incredible place!
On a cot at another one of the play places. Allie was super into the mosquito netting!
The Zebra exhibit was SOOOO cool! People could feed the zebras which meant that they were up really you can see!
In this picture Allie was leaning forward because she was offering her cracker to the zebra...and you can see the zebras tongue sticking out to take it! I caught her before the zebra got the cracker, but not before it got a lick!
In one of the indoor exhibits they had plastic safari hats that the kids loved!

They had a Kid's Treehouse - a small, completely fenced-in area for the kids to run around in. A bridge there, a small open area, and a bridge back. The kids LOVED it!
There was a statue of a komodo dragon in a separate area (surrounded by benches - bonus!), so we penned the area off and let the kids play by the dragon.
They all enjoyed petting the statue.
And climbing on it.
All 3 together!
I may have mentioned tired/cranky kiddos earlier (think lunch). One in particular was super tired...and all it took was a stroller switch up (she and M traded places), and the new digs (and Mickey to cuddle) put her to sleep!
They have a splash fountain, and the kids really enjoyed playing in the water.
See the joy?
Ry-guy & M (Allie was still sleeping at this point)
Then Allie woke up and she shared a nice moment with her brother!
and had some fun on her own!
We talked about making this an annual event (which I think is a great idea!). It was a really fun day, and it was great to spend some fun time with our cousins! Bonus: It was M's FIRST trip to the zoo!!! Its nice to live close enough to be able to have these fun memories :)
The whole gang


Melanie said...

Hey Kim,
I have to say, I've never seen zebras look quite like that. . .they remind me of another animal. Perhaps a giraffe. You must be tired!

Kim said...

Ok, that is REALLY funny! Can you tell how tired I was after the zoo??!! Even though you pointed it out, I'm going to purposely NOT change it because it is such a funny example of my zoo induced exhaustion :)

Anonymous said...

Gigi and Popa notices the zebra looked like a giraffe but we figured something like being tired or maybe the zebra didn't make the picture .

Anonymous said...

Oh, Sweetie!! Of course we all wondered about that funny zebra, especially with that long neck!!! But the photos were all wonderful. A super awesome day!! Grandma

Kelsey said...

LOL...Kim, you make me giggle. A lot :) I miss you! And whatever, we all LOVE the pictures! It's like a picture book/blog with comments :)

Catherine said...

Okay that Zebra Giraffe is cracking me up!! You poor sleep deprived soul. :o) Looks like a great zoo! Glad you had fun!

Lauren and Jeff said...

Ok, I knew I would lose the race to see who could get our zoo pics up first! I must still be sleepy from our zoo trip, because I didn't even notice the 'zebra' mistake until I read it in the comments!

We are totally on board for an annual trip! We love that you guys are close enough now to hang out on occasion!

Anonymous said...

Um...the big animal person that I am I didn't get it at all. I kept wondering what all the fuss was about then I realized after all the comments that the giraffe wasn't a zebra but I would have never noticed had it not been for all the giggles and confusion. Poor Nana..she just don't get all the fuse about animals. BUT...loved the pics and glad you and and the Coons had a great time!