August 31, 2010

Ending August with a Bang!

The last day of August always feels like it's the last day of summer. September is synonymous with school and changing leaves, cooler weather and shorter days. We packed our last day of August FULL of fun activities to celebrate a wonderful summer!
Before we left MA, I bought these boots at a fabulous discount. They finally fit! The twins tried them on and loved walking around the house in them (which takes some effort!) - even though Ryan doesn't look like he's having fun!

I met a mom who moved to the area not long before we did, who has triplets and enjoys biking! Since I needed to bike to train, and we were both looking for social outlets, we started biking together...with all 5 kids...who are only a month apart in age! Today's highlight was that we completed the whole ride (roughly 12 miles) without either of my kids having a meltdown or torturing the other (they like to pinch when the other one is strapped down)!!!!
All 5 kids ready to go!
Part of the trail goes across the railroad and you have to get off your bike and walk it through a fence maze on each side. This is extra hard with a bike trailer. This is extra, extra hard with a bike trailer AND a kid on your bike...but we do it!
We got home, ate lunch, and played a little before nap time. One of the highlights today was that Allie was wearing pigtails for the first time! She looked so adorable, and so old...
The twins LOVE their giant penguin (who has been featured before), and currently they like playing with it WWE style. They push it on the ground and jump on it and throw themselves on it. Occasionally it gets a little out of hand and they start doing flips over the penguin...which Mama does NOT like.
When this happens, the penguin gets put in time out (because sometimes its easiest to just eliminate the problem). The penguin ends up in time out pretty much every day. Today was no exception.
This evening we went with our friends (the triathlon friends and their families) on a boat ride and swimming at the sandbar. We haven't had the twins on a boat since they were 6 months, and they loved the experience!
Allie stood at the front of the boat and waved at everyone we passed.
The guys in the back of the boat.
Pretty soon Ryan joined her up front!
My water babies love boats!
The kiddos running around in the boat.
I wish I could have taken some pictures during the swimming, but it was pretty much an all-hands-on-deck situation. At the sandbar, they could touch and Ryan loved walking around. Allie enjoyed jumping off the large piece of floating foam.
On our way back after swimming.
The girls.
The boys.
Our talented driver.
I happened to have the camera turned on and Allie started pressing the button and taking pictures without my knowledge. I thought a few of them were pretty good. This is one...


Anonymous said...

LOVE THE BOOTS...LOVE THE WWE RY ON THE PENGUIN...LOVE LOVE THE PIGGY TAILS...(I noticed that before you blogged about it and thought she is growing up way too fast.) Looks like it was a fun summer day! Bring on the cooler weather...I'm melting,it's been in the 90's everyday for so long. :( Yikes...hugs from Nana

Anonymous said...

Oh I love your hair cut Lucas. Good Job. MOM

Anonymous said...

I tried getting Ry to try them on but he wanted to play with them instead. Love her pigtails, looks more like her mom did at that age. Love the penquin in time out. I am sure she was glad to have a rest. Noticed the Hair cut too but like the curls better. nice blog was wonderful to see all enjoying the last days of summer. with love, Gigi

Anonymous said...

Is Allie's eyes turning a little greenish Kim? It seems in the piggytail pic that her eyes look like that? I love green eyes. Just wondering. Most pictures they are so blue. Nana

Anonymous said...

Great blog as usual!! How fast thsoe kids are growing. I remember how great a shape I was when we had the little ones. I was always carrying 2 at a time up the stairs. No weight problem then! It's super that you have biking and walking buddies. I sure miss Josie!! We were out at least 6 days rain, shine, snow every week! Counting the days, Kim! Love and hugs, Grandma

Kim said...

Its so funny that you noticed her eyes! They aren't turning green - its the auto red-eye corrector! I noticed they looked a little different, but didn't think anyone else would look that closely! HAHA!

cmccormick79 said...

love the pigtails!! and great job on the triathalon!! i am so impressed. love and miss you.