September 04, 2010

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Sure, some might think that's an exaggeration, but the beginning of the college football season is so exciting around here that it's practically a holiday! In fact, today I realized that I remember exactly what happened/where I was the first Saturday of college football 8 out of the last 10 years, and all of the last 6 (of course, you can click here to see what we did LAST year)! 2 years ago, on this monumental Saturday, we saw the very first picture of our twins (and found out we were having 2). Here they are 2 quick years later :)

The best of the pictures. It's really hard to get 2 toddlers to sit still!
Daddy says, "A Blue M would look better"
Allie entertaining herself while we try to get Ryan to sit still :)
We have a toy football that shouts "Go Big Red!" and plays the fight song when you throw it. Ryan claps EVERY time he hears it. That's my boy!
Of course we're not smiling - we take our football seriously around here!
For those on the Michigan side of the family, this post might look a little biased. 1) it isn't my fault that they had nothing to wear for this holiday. I told their dad that they only had Huskers clothing and he did nothing to remedy the situation. If I have it, they will wear it. 2) as I type this post we are watching the MICHIGAN game and teaching them the MICHIGAN fight song. Granted, the Huskers game wasn't on tv, so we had no choice in what game to watch. But I am still trying to make sure they fully experience the football cultures of BOTH sides of the family!


Anonymous said...

Hi Husker fan! next year will be interesting since we get to play both Michigan colleges! You are going to have to hang in tough with all those Michigan fans your way and living in Michigan to boot!! But I think you are tough enough. Your little tykes are so cute. Come on, Lucas. You'll lose out with them if you don't do your part to get them into Michigan gear! See you all soon, Grandma

Anonymous said...

Hello everyone out there...I know for a fact those twins have the MI clothes in their closets. Hum...I think some new ones are coming soon. I don't think they have outgrown their hooded sweatshirts BUT maybe it is too warm in the house for them. If daddy isn't going to take care of this problem Nana will :) Even Allie is sticking her tongue out at the red football I'm sure. I'm worried about this because Lucas don't seem to be doing very well trying to get them ready for the big BLUE games. Come on Lucas. Love to all from a Worried MICHIGAN Nana:) GO BLUE!!

Kim said...

The only thing they have are the sweatshirts, and it was too hot in the house for them to wear them. Had we gone outside at all today, we would have put them on. I suggested we go for a walk, but Lucas didn't want to...he really isn't doing his part to support his team! I have a feeling that it will be a different story next year!

Anonymous said...

Kim I clicked on the link to see last years pictures. Oh tears....they were so little. Kinda gets you right in the heart. But aren't they still so so cute!!!! Hugs from Nana

Anonymous said...

This picture will most certainly go up on our wall. It melts my heart to see the Nebraska colors on my far away gran babies. Gigi

Kelsey said...


Anonymous said...

I. Love. This. Post. :o)

(and your kiddos are at least a full foot taller than they were when I saw them in August.. .... seriously... they're getting so big!!)