September 20, 2012


This past week, we had our annual moms' group trip to the local dairy farm to see the cows (note: the moms' group trips do not correlate with our weekly preschool themes...I'm not that coordinated!) This is our 3rd trip there (see the other two here and here), and it is really one of our favorite places.
Saying "Hi" to the cows.

Allie and our friend Q.
There will (most likely) be more about this toy cow later, but Ryan enjoyed introducing it to the cows!
 Showing us how the calves like to suck fingers 
(they have no teeth, so it wasn't dangerous for little fingers to go in their mouths)
 They brought out one calf for the kids to pet.  Allie was the first kid over.
 Ryan snuck a quick pet in just as they were getting ready to put it back.

 After seeing all the cows, they let the kids play in the hay.  Climbing the giant stacks, jumping into the soft piles, and throwing it into the air was probably the highlight of the day.  Unfortunately, my camera battery died (fail), and I only captured the boys hanging out at the highest point.
 Before we left, they gave all of the kids juice, cookies, and coloring books!  This place is seriously the best. I'm so thankful that, if we weren't called to live on a farm (which is just an awesome place for kids to grow and play), we at least live farm adjacent :)


Anonymous said...

How cute they sure have grown so much from the first time they went to the farm. Gigi

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, I grew up on the farm and it was a super great life. We had cows,horses, sheep, pigs, ducks, geese, bantam chickens, laying hens, dogs, cats, and tamed wild raccons etc. We worked hard, but oh the joys and fun!!! Tons of wonderful memories. I wished our sons could have all grown up on the farm, too. It's great that your kids get hands on at the farm! Hugs, Grandma