October 22, 2011

Hi, Cows!

You might remember our last trip to see the cows...it was sort of a huge success. So, I decided to schedule a trip there this fall with the moms group. It was epic. I'm actually a little nervous about the costume party we're having this coming week because I don't think anything can top this trip.

It started out the same way as the last trip by seeing the big cows at the front. They are very friendly, and the kids were thrilled to get so close! As you can see, in the back of this picture, the encouraged the kids to hold their hands out and let the cows lick them. Their tongues are surprisingly rough. I know because I got licked by many cows while I was taking pictures and not paying attention!
"You don't even blink, do you?"
(bonus points to anyone who knows where that quote is from!)
The cows all moved in and they desperately wanted to be at the front to be pet by the kids! This picture shows the desperation of the cows in the back to get to the front!
Then we moved to see the babies.
Daddy came too!
The calves were especially friendly. They have no teeth, so the kids were encouraged to let them suck their fingers since they couldn't bite. They loved this!
I somehow missed the picture of the calf actually sucking his finger...
Then they took us to the birthing barn where we found out that if a cow has boy/girl twins, that share a sack, the girl will not have functioning reproductive organs. A random fun fact for you all. The kids also had an opportunity to pet a calf that was less than 24 hours old! Allie didn't leave his side!
They took us to see the "teenagers" again, but the kids were much more intrigued by the hay. The farm owners were fine with them climbing, so the kids spent about 20 minutes climbing all over the hay. They slept very well that night. Very, VERY well!
A group picture. The couple on the right showed us around.
We headed back to the milk house and found the milk truck there! We were just in time to see the milk pickup - including stepping over the giant hose that connected the milk tank in the milk house to the giant tank on the truck!
The kids all washed their hands, waved goodbye to the milk truck, and then had snack time! If you ask the twins, this was their favorite part of the trip...figures!
Snacking with our friend.
It just so happened that they had a combine just around the corner that wasn't being used, and they invited us all over for the kids to check it out. The field that it was in just happens to be one we pass on an almost daily basis (so we still talk about the combine EVERY time we go by...)! This was a big highlight for all of the kids.
All of the kids loved sitting in the tire. It was the perfect size of seat for them!

Each kid had a turn in the cab - pretending to drive and honking the horn! This was so exciting for them!
I told one of my friends that I really think the farm life is the absolute best life for kids - lots of time outside, lots of animals, and they learn responsibility as they help care for animals and crops. I think there is a confidence gained in having so much knowledge about animals and crops and how to grow/care for them. We are not, and I can't imagine we ever will be, called to be farmers. So I'm always looking for opportunities for them to experience farm life - to see the animals and the equipment, to meet the people who work so hard day in and day out, and to see what goes on behind the scenes to bring us things like the jug of milk in our refrigerator. This trip was the most perfect farm experience I could imagine!


Anonymous said...

They always have such a great time. Great parents who teach them so much. Thanks for sharing and again Love the Pictures!!!

Don't have a clue on the question, I will guess Charlotte's Web !! Huggies from Nana

Anonymous said...

sounds like a very fun way to learn so much. I remember the line but not where it was used. Gigi

Anonymous said...

I give on the question. Oh, I remember farm life--the cows, the calves, pigs, ducks, geese, chickens, horses, dogs, cats, rabbits, sheep. We had it all. AND the chores. I LOVED farm life growing up. It IS the best place for kids to grow up. We farmed the first 8 years of our marriage, but couldn't afford to go large. It would have been such a great life for 5 boys!! Thanks for the cow memories, Grandma