September 10, 2012


Oh, my, I have a lot to catch computer has been broken since we got back from Nebraska.  It has made updating the blog a little difficult...

This past week we managed to sneak in another fun adventure with our cousins - a trip to the zoo!  You know how much we love zoos.  Especially our local PPZ where we have a membership.  This day was especially fun though - the animals were more active than we have ever seen them!
The otters!
The big tiger - D loved getting "surprised" when it would pace by.  It was so big!
Some of the super active animals:

This tortoise walked all the way out to us and started eating - the animals were SO active!
We decided to try our hand at being animals ourselves...

Heading out.  Poor D was always trying to keep up with the big kids...
The kids really wanted to check out the playground outside the zoo.  We don't usually stop, but we were glad we did!

D was in love with another girl's baby doll - she even tried to take her for a walk!
The funniest of the kids to watch at the zoo was definitely D.  She just did adorable things.  She was obsessed with the burro - who was standing really close to the fence - and kept desperately trying to get her fingers through the fence to touch him.  She was cute and giggly.  And she did things like this:
Climbing a tree...
A day at the zoo is always fun, but sharing the best day we've ever had at this zoo with our cousins - awesome!


Anonymous said...

Ha, I was the first Grandma for a change!! I wish I'd have been at the zoo, too. What a delightful, happy day for everyone! It made me happy, too! Hugs, Grandma

Anonymous said...

Awe D. she is getting so big and tries so hard to keep up with the other kids. Love the pictures, but mostly love you guys all getting together for the day. God is so Good.