September 19, 2012

Walking for a Cure

During the winter, one of the girls in our church was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes.  While we are not entirely un-familiar with the way a diagnosis like this changes a life (my sister-friend and her brother have it as well), our close proximity has given us even more perspective on the daily struggles and triumphs that accompany the diagnosis.  Her sister coordinated a team to participate in the JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes, and we enthusiastically joined.  She is literally one of the twins' favorite people.  In fact, she was the only person invited to Bumble's (fictitious) birthday party.
They got shirts, bracelets, balloons, and muffins as well as getting their faces painted - the twins basically thought it was another carnival.

 Our group was the second largest team present.  The twins were the youngest participants on our team, and the oldest were in their eighties.  We had a few that had come from Canada (making our team international) and 2 canines!  We had such a great time together on the walk!
The twins riding in style.
 The twins rode in the wagon for most of the 2.5 mi. walk.  They did get out and walk a little (Allie preferred to run), but it wasn't long before they preferred daddy's shoulders and mommy's arms.  Allie did get down to run with me across the finish line - she was convinced that it was a race...and that we were winning (even though there were hundreds of participants that finished ahead of us).
We were happy to support our dear friend F, and contribute to the cause of finding a cure!
F and Allie - Ryan refused to be in the picture.


Anonymous said...

How cute! Ryan miss you in the picture but love your had you were wearing. Gigi

Anonymous said...

Awe what a wonderful event to get the kids involved with. Does them good to start young. Missed Buddy in picture. Some days you just don't want your picture taken. Love and hugs and hopefully a cure someday. NANA

Imp said...

I am so excited and proud that ya'll got to Walk for the Cure! I hope your friend is doing well with the life-adjustment, it was good to see her smiling in that picture. I'm also super pumped to hear that Ryan and Allie will be attending a Montessori preschool...makes me want to go back to Montessori school! :) Hope we get to seee you guys soon. We'd love to have you come visit us...I hear the Lincoln Park Zoo is free and we could ride the CTA trains!