April 01, 2011


For a while I have been sporadically getting ideas for activities to do with the twins from Brightly Beaming Resources. I have been excitedly waiting, however, for them to turn 2 so we could move on the the preschool prep curriculum because it has theme weeks!!! Being an activity director, theme weeks are my specialty :) This week was the first week and our theme was cows! We colored pictures of cows, learned that a baby cow is called a calf, practiced being cows, and even pretended to milk a cow with a latex glove full of water (during which I said some of the strangest phrases I've ever said to my children like "We don't fight over the udder! It will hurt the cow and she will kick you!") The highlight of the week was our trip today to the farm of some members of our church to see REAL cows!

No fear, just love. She kept leaning forward to try to get the cow to give her a kiss!

It is hard to see, but this is Ryan letting a calf suck on his finger! Ryan was so enthusiastic that the baby calves had a tendency to hide when he came running up, but Allie was quiet and gentle and they came out to her. The twins with a set of twin calves!
Allie desperately trying to get the young cows in the back to come and see her.
Our friends E, B, & M came with us. This was the only picture I was able to catch up the 4 walking kids together :)
Ryan kept holding up handfuls of hay to try to feed a cow. After a while this young cow got friendly.
Success! This cow happily ate out of his hand!
It was so much fun to see my kids running around on a farm and enjoying the cows. They had a deep and immediate love for them (and the tractors that we saw as we visited the different areas). Granted, I spent a lot of time suppressing my germophobic tendencies, and we had to put our shoes outside and wash our clothes when we got home because we sort of stunk. But it was SO worth it. They told us we could come back to visit the cows anytime. I know we will definitely take them up on that offer!


Anonymous said...

So cute! They sure love the animals, I think they get that from me. haha Hugs from Nana

Anonymous said...

What fun!! Allie is blessed that the cow DIDN'T kiss her. I can still remember sitting on the rabbit cage when a huge cow came over and stuck her long, long tongue out and swiped my face with a big kiss! I was about 3 and it scared me half to death! Luckily my Dad saw it and came to my rescue before I got another kiss. Memories! Grandma