September 06, 2012

Hangin' with the Cousins

Our plans for the Labor Day Weekend were simple  - clean and organize.  We rarely have an open weekend, let alone a 3-day weekend with nothing to do, so we set our sights on tackling our project list.  But when the cousins called on Monday to see if we wanted to spend the holiday together, we knew time with them was worth setting the project list aside.  So they joined us at our lake for swimming and a picnic!
What's that in the water? Shark? Sea Monster? Whatever it is, Ryan is ready...
 Daddy expected a sneak attack, just not on him!
 H happily swimming with Daddy nearby.
 I didn't get many pictures of the swimming...because I wanted to be in the water with them!  But I can tell you that one of the favorite activities was swimming with a bucket and trolling it completely submerged behind them while their other arms and legs kicked furiously.  The point was to catch fish (they caught none), but what ended up happening (much to the parents' delight) was that they were completely exhausted and slept like logs all night!

After our picnic, we hit the playground.  This park has the best beach, but the worst playground equipment for little kids.  It did make for some cute pictures though...
My favorite part of this picture is little D at the bottom trying to figure out how to get up there like the "big girls."
 Get Daddy's help, of course!
 Ry-guy was determined to not just climb up, but over, and across, and up, and down the sliding pole.  Thankfully, Daddy was there to spot him on this feat.
 Just seconds after we told them not to climb up (and, yes, I took pictures of them disobeying rather than step in.  Mother/aunt-of-the-year.)
 But the pictures were just too cute!
 The dads managed to corral them all on the merry-go-round (the only age-appropriate-ish piece of equipment that could hold them all at once).  We assumed they were going to give the kids a ride.
 Instead they hopped on and let the kids give them a ride...
 ...and the kids loved it!
We spent some more time playing and hanging out at our house before the cousins had to leave and everyone had to go to bed.  So much fun to spend this time with our cousins.  Have I mentioned how much I love having cousins close?  This time together is just priceless.


Anonymous said...

Awe this looked like so much fun for everyone. Where was Kim and Mindy?? I didn't see any pictures of you girls. I figure Kim in on the camera. Was Mindy there? Looks like you guys have fun. Love that the cousins know each other and get to spend time together. Thanks for the blog Kim!!! Nana

ldmiller said...

Mindy was there, but I NEVER put pictures on the blog of a sister in her swimsuit unless she sees them first and gives her approval (Mindy hadn't seen them, and I wanted to get the post done in my 1 brief window) so no pictures. But we were there!!

Anonymous said...

The playground equipment makes for such colorful pictures and so delightful of the kids. Love you all tons, Grandma Favor: everyone who reads this can you put my friend Kay M. on your prayer chains as she has just been dianosed with cancer and wants all the prayers she can get. THANKS