September 11, 2012

Big L, Little l...

 This fall, I'm doing a little preschool at home with the twins.  Partly because I want to make sure there aren't any knowledge gaps when they go to the Montessori preschool next year.  Partly because I realized, over the summer, that my children do much better with structure, and this gives me a foundation around which to create that structure.  Partly because I really love theme weeks...

Last week was our first week.  I'm using the Raising Rock Star Preschoolers for my base curriculum.  She organizes it so that they learn the letters from the easiest to write to the most difficult.  I like that.  I also like that she organizes her lessons around a scripture - never to early to start hiding God's word in their heart.  From there I found a few other great websites with preschool activities, scoured pinterest for ideas that matched our theme for the week, and requested a myriad of supplies from the library.  It really took me back to my Activity Director days :)

Our letter for the week was L.  Our theme was "Light."  Our verse was, "Let your light shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father in Heaven."  By the end of the week the twins could say the verse by heart - which completely melted mine!
Making sun catchers

 One of the things I REALLY wanted, after looking at all of the great preschool websites, was a light table.  But they are really, really expensive.  Out of our budget.  So, I found DIY version.  I was able to make it for $12.  I'd like to make some upgrades...eventually...but for now it works perfectly and was a huge hit!
 Studying our shadows (a product of light): Trying to get away from our shadows...
 Tracing our shadows:

 Playing Red Light, Green Light
(I let them call it a few times, and took my turn running...they wanted to play so long we were ALL exhausted!)

Making the letter with our bodies:
Little l
 Big L
 Little l
 Big L
I'm not sure if I will put EVERY week on the blog, but I will probably include quite a few since the theme of the week is quickly becoming the center of all our activities!


Anonymous said...

you make learning so much fun Kim!!
glad they are getting a good christian education. Yay for letter L
Lucas, Loralee, Logan, I must have liked letter L. hahaha Hugs from Nana

Anonymous said...

wow! couldn't believe I hadn't seen at least 3 blogs since moving. papa just put the computer back together tonight. So good to see the twiners again. You are a great mom kim wish I would have done more like this with you 3. Gigi

Anonymous said...

Love the light table, Kim. How clever and you made it their perfect height. Who'd ever know that your activities director job would help you so much with your kids. And YES, it is never too early to hide Scripture in your kids lives!! What a clever idea to start with the easiest letters to write! And clever to 'play' the letters! Cheers! Grandma