October 12, 2011

Goin' to the Fair!

I always know I have been very absent when I go to download pictures and I don't have a folder yet for the month...almost 2 weeks into the month! Needless to say, we have been busy! I've already spent about an hour downloading, organizing, and (barely...due to time) editing pictures, but I have little to show for the effort. Still, in an effort to catch up (and satiate the grandparents' desire for updates and new pictures), here are the pictures from our not-so-recent trip to the fair!

This particular fair is near and dear to my heart. I attended this fair every year of college. It claims to be the "Most Popular Fair on Earth"...I can't help but wonder if that is really true. Although it truly is the best mix I have ever seen of rides, midway, and animals. Most fairs I have been to either lean toward animals or midway, but this one is fairly even (no pun intended...).

The twins and I spent a morning earlier in the week, with a friend and her girls, seeing the animals, but we promised a trip back to ride the rides. BIG mistake. The weather of fair week is traditionally (at least according to MY memory) cold and crummy, and this year was no exception. We held off until Friday, the last day we had available to go, and wanted to cancel due to the weather, but the twins woke up asking "Go to the fairy? Ride the rides? I wanna ride the dinosaur. I wanna ride the merry-go-round like Great Schubert!" Not only did they not forget, they connected the fair (which they constantly referred to as the "fairy," and I never corrected because it was so cute!) to a favorite Little Einsteins episode, but they scoped the rides during our quick walk-by earlier in the week. They picked out the rides they remembered from the show, as well as a few (such as the dinosaur) that they spotted that I didn't even see. They spent the whole day claiming their right to go to the fair (I promised if they slept well we would go...they didn't make a peep). So we went. It was cold. It was wet. They had a blast. Sadly, I forgot my camera. These pictures from my phone will have to do...
The Merry-go-round. Great Schubert's favorite ride...and Allie's!
The bumblebee ride. They loved going up and down. Unfortunately, it was POURING during this ride!
Driving the boats ("Like Poppy!"). We were just thankful for a covered ride.
The dinosaur ride that Ry-Guy spotted from afar and didn't forget. Notice the sunshine. The rain stopped and the sun peeked through the clouds for this one ride!
After rides, we went to check out the animals. Partly because they were in buildings that provided shelter from the rain. Partly because we actually didn't see all of the animals when we went to the fair earlier in the week!
"Hi, duck!"
Baby Chicks
Allie checking out the chickens.
Ry-guy securing his balloon (way more important than any animals).
On our way out (like, Lucas was actually sitting in the parking lot waiting for us to come out), the kids got to pet 2 baby calves! They were so excited!


Anonymous said...

they looked so much bigger on the rides then last year. :(
Thanks for a new blog, I know you are tired. Nana

Lauren and Jeff said...

Lucas looks miserable on the carousel. LOL

Anonymous said...

Good to see new blogs up. looks like rain didn't bother them on rides except I agree Lucas looks so excited to be on the ride. Love to you all Gigi

Kim said...

We were miserable on the carousel! It started to rain again as we started to spin, and it was cold & wet & blowing right on us! The twins were happy though...