September 27, 2010

Goin' to the Fair, Goin' to the Fair, Goin' to the Hillsdale County Fair!

Ah, the Hillsdale County Fair. Known (around here, at least) as the Most Popular Fair on Earth. Lucas and I have fond memories of going to the fair back in the day (although, most are not with each other). We were super excited to take the twins this year, as we knew they would love it.
The cows were our first stop and the twins were so excited to be so close to one of their favorite animals (from the pictures in their books...)
We started with the animals - cows, sheep, pigs, rabbits, all kinds of fowl, goats and horses. The twins were thrilled. Not only were we seeing TONS of their favorite animals, but we were seeing them VERY up close!
There is a lot happening in this picture. One sheep is being sheared. Another is trying to get into the pen of a friend. And the twins are wanting to jump in the mix!
The most stressful moment of our animal visit was when we somehow ended up in the way of a large pig being directed to the piggy shower - and he was NOT happy to be going there. I wasn't scared of the fact that I almost got trampled. I was terrified by the fact that my twins were desperately trying to grab a very angry pig!
This pig enjoyed licking the bottom of the twins' shoes. They enjoyed it as well. So much that they stuck their shoes out to entice every animal after this!
After the animals we hit the midway and the rides. This carnival had a lot of rides for little kids, and it was $1 ride day! Nana graciously purchased ride tickets and the twins had the time of their lives!
The safari train. The most tame of all the rides. Who is having more fun - the twins? Or daddy?
Ryan at the end of EVERY ride. He never wanted to them to end.
Allie's favorite ride might have been the one on Daddy's shoulders.
The Bumble Bee ride. Now who's having more fun - Ry-guy or Mommy?
Waiting for the carousel to start moving.

The Hot Air Balloon Ride. This was definitely the favorite, and we ended up riding it twice!

The one ride they didn't get to ride was the mini roller coaster. I wasn't sad because I was worried it would be too scary. Allie, who had been watching it go around and desperately wanting to ride it, was ticked. I don't think I have to worry about either of them (especially her) being scared of rides! We topped off the day with Lucas and I riding "Freak Out" - a giant spinning swing - with some of the girls from our youth group we happened to bump into. It was more fun, and less scary, than it looked!
It was one of the most fun times we have had with the twins - which says something because we've done a lot! We're really glad we went, and that Nana was there to join us!


Anonymous said...

Looks like a fun time by all except Ry guy when the rides finished and before the merry-go round took off. Gigi

Kelsey said...

Looks like you guys had a ton of fun!! Not sure...but I THINK parents use their children as an excuse to go on those rides! LOL (Pretty sure I would, too.) Miss you guys, and love ya!

Lauren and Jeff said...

I'll bet Nana had the most fun of all lovin' on her grandbabies! :)

Kim said...

I'm not ashamed to confess that I was totally thrilled that they couldn't ride any of the rides alone and I had to go along :) I wonder how many years I can get by with telling them they can't go by themselves...

Anonymous said...

Fun! It's so neat that the twins love all the animals so much and aren't afraid of them as many little kids are. They recognize them as friends from their books. Was a great day. Thanks for sharing, Grandma