September 28, 2011

Fall Has Arrived

I know I have posts every year extolling the virtues of fall, talking about how much I love the fall, and showing dozens of pictures of fall adventures. This year will be no different. We started a bit late, however, because we were sick the week that fall started!

On Sunday, the cousins came down for church and an afternoon at Triple F! The big highlight of the day was seeing the elephant that they have there every fall on Sunday afternoons (that we've always somehow managed to miss seeing). The best part about Triple F? You can enjoy a whole afternoon for free! Granted, there is a lot of fun stuff to do that requires money (elephant & pony rides, carriage ride, corn maze, etc.), but if you don't want to spend money, you don't have to :)
Looking at the ponies.
They had the pumpkins lined my children, of course, had to run through them. This entertained them the longest of anything!
Look at his face! So intense. He kept saying, "I go so, so, so fast!"
Pausing for a quick hug.
Baby D decided to get in on the action.
I wanted a picture of them on the hay with the pumpkins. Allie decided to add her own comedic spin...
Ryan quickly followed suit!
They have this great store full of beautiful items - new, antique, and classic. I LOVE this shop (although, I never buy anything...I want everything...). And I don't just love this shop because it is connected to the candy shop and BAKERY! It smells so good in there. SO good.
Ryan playing with an antique cash register.
They have a beautiful porch with a seating area and a porch swing that the kids loved.
Ryan pushing the girls.
Allie giving Ryan a turn.
Of course, the main attraction was the elephant (which we went over to see a few times). Once rides were over and it was time to pack up, her owner kept her busy by feeding her snacks. You can't see it in this picture, but they were feeding her whole watermelons. She would pop them in her mouth and eat them like they were grapes! She also ate a whole pumpkin in about 3 bites. Every now and then, for the enjoyment of the (small) crowd, they would have her trumpet!
"That elephant is loooouuuud!"
We had so much fun on our first fall adventure with our cousins! We're looking forward to many more!
P.S. In case you missed it in the assortment of links that look back to the past above, you can see the cousins last trip to Triple F HERE. We were waiting for Baby D to be born :)


Anonymous said...

I love these pictures!! I love these kids :) NANA

Anonymous said...

(We didn't get to see the elephant when we were there.) I will never forget going with the twins on a school outing and a HUGE elephant walked across a narrow plank and then balanced all 4 feet on a ball, then turned and walked the plank back!!! AWESOME, AWESOME beyond words, but the kids didn't recognize how awesome it was. A bit later the elephant pooped a whole huge garbage can FULL and wow!!!! Was that impressive to them. They talked about THAT all the way home!! Kids--how wonderful! Grandma

Anonymous said...

Grandma that was a funny story. Don't you just love those fun memories :)

Valerie said...

OH, goodness! Too cute. Looks like too much fun!