October 15, 2011

Fall Fun Up North

Total side note: the twins' favorite show is Little Einsteins. It just so happened that the episode they watched this morning was set at the Great Lakes. Specifically Lake Huron (Nana & Poppy's lake where we just were), and the Mackinac Bridge! Usually they recognize things in their everyday life because they saw it first on Little Einsteins. It was fun, for a change, to have them recognize something on Little Einsteins because they just saw it in real life! I think it made them feel like part of the show :)

OK, back to the story at hand. One of the things we have been looking forward to forever has been a trip to the awesome orchard while Up North. We finally got to go!
There were these crates where they were dumping what was leftover of the apples after they were pressed for cider. I thought it looked cool and textural, so I took a picture. This ended up being the last picture I took the entire trip because my battery died and I forgot to pack the charger!
We tagged along with a preschool field trip, and they explained that the cider leftovers are saved to use as animal feed. I was excited to hear it didn't go to waste. They make use of everything! They invited the kids to touch it.
Allie jumped right in!
Ryan needed to be encouraged by Daddy.
After an educational talk (where the twins had their first ever taste of cider), we went on a wagon ride to the orchard.
In the wagon!
They each had the opportunity to pick an apple from the orchard (lift & twist!). Due to some camera confusion, we didn't get pictures of the picking...
Ry-guy shows off his apple.
Allie hiding under the tree to eat hers.
The wagon ride continued through the orchard and the pumpkin patch and ended at the petting zoo & play area.
Hi, goats!
All aboard!

The biggest hit ended up being this plane. They loved driving...and riding...and offering rides to the other kids (Ryan could be heard saying, "Come on, kids! Sit down! We go for a ride!" They still talk about this plane the most of anything from our trip!

For me, the most exciting thing was seeing a bald eagle! I saw another on the drive home! I had never seen a bald eagle in the wild ever in my life until this summer, and then 2 in 1 weekend! Too cool.
"Cool" bus indeed :)
During nap time, Daddy & Poppy created a leaf pile, and the kids spent the rest of the afternoon jumping and playing in the leaves. Classic fall fun!

My only complaint about our trip Up North: Too Short! We were trying so hard to fit in all the fun things we had been saving to do that the time went way too fast :(


Anonymous said...

So cute..the pictures of the twins in the leaves; I have one of Lucas just like it with just his head sticking out. We are going to look for it so you can see it. Very nice blogs, thanks so much Kim. This way the twins will remember the days when they were little. :)
Hugs from Nana

Anonymous said...

Looks like a lot of fun specially the bus ride with poppy. Is he as good a bus driver as on a boat? Like the pictures of the leaves. we have some of you I think with Bonnie. Gigi