October 14, 2011

Poppy's Boat

I don't know if we've ever mentioned this, but Poppy works on a boat. A giant boat. We went to visit Nana & Poppy while he is off the boat, and he took us to see his boat, to see what it's like to go through the locks, and even to see where he gets the mail we send!
Watching another boat in the lock while we waited for Poppy's boat.
"It's a boat alligator (elevator)!"
Poppy's boat!!!
(disclaimer: this isn't Poppy's actual boat...but it looks the same)

After watching it go through the lock, we went ahead so we could see it sail by.
Allie knew how to keep busy while we waited!
Then the twins found the giant anchor (I think it is actually what the anchors look like on Poppy's boat, but it just looked like a giant replica of the little anchors we have seen)
Playing on the anchor.

And then it came by!
Then we went up to the fountain, and the twins had fun playing up there.
Throwing in some coins.
"Isa ladybug!"
On the way back, we took a detour for a scenic view of "Mighty Mac." It was a little hazy, but it was still amazing to see...and then drive over. The twins have officially seen and experienced more of Michigan than I have!


Lauren and Jeff said...

I'm so jealous! I'd like to see Poppy's boat! I miss Up North ...
so I'm secretly working on getting up there for a visit. ;)

Anonymous said...

I hope so...we could take you to Knaebe's for some fun, then go to the soo to see ships. Come on up!!! It was fun just ask the twins :)
Hugs to all , Nana

Anonymous said...

wow thats cool to see Poppy's boat or a look alike anyways. Does look like fun. twins are looking tall. Slow down little ones. Gigi

Anonymous said...

So neat to see the huge look alike ship!!! Also so neat to see a new blog. Missed your wonderful faces!! We are heading to Minnesota to see the Nebraska- Minnesota game and to visit our families next week!! Yay!!! Hugs, Grandma

Anonymous said...

awww.... the kiddos are A-dorable! And I love your decorations. And the "I don't have to plan" mentality. I tried that with book club last week... with much the same crazy-last moment crazies as a result. ;o)