October 13, 2011

Happy Birthday, D!!

Continuing the tradition of forgetting my camera...I totally missed an entire weekend full of our college homecoming! It was Lucas' 10 year reunion! We had so much fun! And I have no pictures to record the fabulous memories. Sad bear. Then...because I spent about 2 weeks completely forgetting my camera (and therefore taking no pictures) I forgot that I had my camera to take pictures at D's birthday party.

Thankfully, Lucas reminded me about the camera just in time to get pictures of the most important part - the cupcakes! The twins are obsessed with cupcakes. To them, a party must always have cupcakes and cupcakes always mean a party.
Lighting the candle...and then she tried to grab the flame...and then they decided not to light the candle!
She really wasn't sure about the cupcake...

The twins did not share her reservations!

It's so hard to believe an entire year has gone by since meeting Baby D! She is such a sweet girl, and a treasured addition to our family!
And...she likes it!
Happy Birthday, D!!


Anonymous said...

cupcakes look good can understand twins not waiting to bite into them. Happy belated birthday "D"
while enjoy being young getting old is not so much fun. Gigi

Anonymous said...

i agree gigi! I figured Baby D was our next blog. haha I always treasure each picture. thanks KIM

Lauren and Jeff said...

Kim, don't first birthdays seem like SO long ago for your own kids when you attend one for someone else's?

Kim said...

Lauren, they totally do!