June 01, 2011

A Memorial Week to Remember: Part 2

I almost squeezed everything into one last post...but there were like 2 too many pictures to do so...

On Memorial Day we decided to take the kids to their first Memorial Day parade! We met up with the triplets, and searched for a place to watch the parade with our crew. We were lucky to find a nice shady spot!

Chillin' before the parade (note: Allie was having a morning and so I let her pick out her entire outfit - out of a few pre-approved choices - including her floppy hat & pink "Bono" sunglasses!)
Fire trucks! The one thing we were hoping to see.

The parade ended up being...short. Like 10 minutes. The guys decided to give the kids a little more of a thrill and took a walk along the square. Essentially joining the parade. Apparently, getting more attention and response then most of the actual parade!

After the parade we went back to our house to play on the new swingset!

And eat some yummy hamburgers, hot dogs, chips, fruit, and pasta salad. Quintessential Memorial Day food!

Fun with out friends was only part of our fun weekend though! More (and many more pictures...) to come!


Anonymous said...

Look at all the kids!! How fun! Love the pictures as always. Nana

Mother Wolff said...

How fun it was....thank you again for sharing the fun with us!

Kim said...

I can't even tell you how much I love it that your name is Mother Wolff!