June 26, 2011

At the Lake House: Firsts

Once again, we ate most (as in all but one) of our meals on the porch. Being much earlier in the summer than last year, it was also colder. We tried to keep them in a few mornings, but the twins insisted on bundling up and eating outside. To help keep them warm, every morning I made them a cup of hot chocolate (warm milk with a spoonful of nesquik). They had never tried hot chocolate before (since they had been allergic), and LOVED it!
One of the days there was rainy. Without our usual outside diversions, we went to the nearest town and picked up play dough at the dollar store. I have always intended to try play dough with the kids, but wanted to make it instead of buy it...and then always forgot that it needed to be made ahead of time! So I gave in and bought some. They had a blast!
Allie thought the rolling pin made a better trumpet.
Ry-guy preferred to stack the cutters on top of piles of dough.
The play dough kit came with number cut-outs - making it a bonus educational activity! Score :)
They had trouble with the concept of making things, so I started making things and having them guess what they were. Apparently, my artistic ability (with clay) is near that of a 2 year old because they easily guessed every blob! Then they started taking my creations to play. Including Ry-guy's favorite (Nana DON'T LOOK!!) the "snake."
And Allie's favorite (someone tell Nana she can look again!) the turtle :)


Anonymous said...

Because Ry guy was holding it, I actually looked and it was a cute S. But yesterday when Poppy and I went on a bike ride out in the woods area of town guess what was laying on the road all green and yellow. Well, I screamed even though Poppy told me it was dead and then I felt the crawls and I barely made it home without see'in them everywhere. Please twins don't ever scare Nana with even a play one. Loved the blogs can't wait for more. Nana is such a whimp!

Lauren and Jeff said...

Cousin Jeff is deathly afraid of snakes, too! Although, I believe play-doh snakes would be ok for him.

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the blogs, but for whatever reason my computer won't let me comment on the next one, so backtracked to this one. It's a joy to keep up with what they are up to!!!! They are so very, very blessed that you get into their world all the time and you are blessed as well. Keep it up, Grandma