June 24, 2011

At the Lake House: Exploring

I couldn't figure out how to record our time at the lake house for Lucas' annual work-cation. I didn't want gigantic, rambling, cluttered posts. So I decided to divide it up into our favorite activities, and maybe throw a story or two in there.

First story: It was a somewhat disastrous get-away. Within minutes of getting to the lake house, Ryan fell down the stairs (only the last few - his little hand slipped out of daddy's), and ended with Ryan and I making a trip to the doctor. In between Ryan got his fingers shut in the door (if I had known where the nearest emergency room was, we would have been there before I realized it actually wasn't that bad), Allie fell and cut her head, and Allie slipped & fell on a stick (which, if it had not been for her double stuffed cloth diaper, would have been disastrous). We got covered in black fly bites, and there were innumerable other bumps, scrapes, & bruises. At one point I actually prayer that we would all just survive the trip! But, somehow, as I look back through the pictures and our memories, these events pale in comparison to the fun and relaxation we had at the lake house.

One of our favorite activities: exploring. The twins loved looking for exciting things and collecting pine cones. We loved watching them discover.
"Look! Bugs!"
"Isa pike cone!"
"Buddy, you forgot yours!"
"No, I didn't. I found another!"

"Anything inside?"
"Let's check out the field!"
"Oopsies! I can't see!"
Time to head back


Anonymous said...

Oh my!!! What a bunch of hurts all at once!! But fun, fun exploring and seeing things from a kid's eye point. I always LOVED that and always ran quick when one said "Mom, come see!!" The first catapillar is big stuff!! Life is good, Grandma

Anonymous said...

I was wondering if the trip was worth it after the bugs, bruises, and other happenings? Glad you had fun and super glad it ended up in RC. We love you guys coming home!! Hugs from Nana

Anonymous said...

Allie looks like a school girl in that one picture walking ahead of Ry and Ry with the ball hat on ...wah wah they look too old. :( Nana is worried!!