June 20, 2011

Coming Back

We've been away for Lucas' annual work-cation (more on that later). An entire week with no Internet. It was a little wonderful, but now I have hundreds of pictures and many stories waiting to be recorded...but we have to start with the day before we left because it was a big one.

It started with the church picnic...and a bouncy house! They were in love.

"Hi, everybody!"

We were originally supposed to leave right after the picnic, but we found out our dear friends were going to be in the area and postponed to sneak in a (way to short) visit with them!

All four kids snacking together.

While the littlest of the bunch took a nap, we took the older 3 to the park. The merry-go-round was an instant hit...with more than the kids!

Swings were next. I love this father-daughter moment :)

Next they built sandcastles and threw rocks in the lake.

And one final ride on the merry-go-round. Not sure who is enjoying it more - the dads or the kids!

The visit was (as they all are) way too short, but we were happy to sneak it in. After they left we began (yes...BEGAN) packing for our big trip!


Anonymous said...

Such delightful pictures---capturing moments to remember! What a treasured day! Love and prayers, Grandma

Anonymous said...

That one little girl with the blonde hair looks like Allie's sister...is that Joel and Allie's little girl Catherine? I'm confused. Glad you got home safe and Papa is doing well. WE miss you here...very quiet and boring. Hugs, Nana

Lauren and Jeff said...

I have to tell you this story. We took Morgan to PBS Kids in the Park and there were a bunch of bounce houses. She kept asking to go, so we waited in line for 20 minutes and then when she got in there she wouldn't jump. She just sat in the corner and refused to stand up. The first group she was in had a couple bigger kids, so the people running it let her get out and try going with the next group that was all toddlers. She still wouldn't jump! I think she wanted it all to herself.