June 27, 2011

At the Lake House: Feeling Nostalgic

For this post, you might have to go back HERE, and read THIS POST from last year. Whether you read THIS POST before or after, or go back and forth from this to THAT POST, you have to read it, compare, and maybe be as sad as I when you see the change. And if I haven't pushed it enough, click HERE to read it!
Remember these? They were just as big of a hit this year as last.
Building towers.
Where are my hands?
We went back to the same park we loved last year. It lived up to the memory and we had a blast. We replicated some old favorites. Remember this?
And this?
Then the twins showed off their improved motor skills by effortlessly trying new things on the playground
I was trying to capture Allie effortlessly scaling this giant (taller than me or Lucas) climbing wall...
When Lucas yells and I turn just in time to catch Ryan hopping up these:
Allie found a friend and they played on the balance beam.
And just when I was about to completely break down and cry because my babies are SO big, Ryan cheered me up with this:
If they changed so much in 10 months, what will next year's pictures look like?


Lauren and Jeff said...

The school bus picture really shows the difference a year makes! Yay for accomplishing new things this year and building more memories!

Anonymous said...

Oh, it's true that those years go by FAST!!!! So,so fast. So tresure every minute and you will have lots of memories to treasure years and years later even when your babies become grandparents!!! Life keeps moving---life is good!! Lots of love and prayers, Grandma