June 27, 2011

At the Lake House: In the Water

Are the lake house posts getting tedious? Sorry. But I told you I had a LOT of pictures to share :) Only 1 more. I promise. And then we go to Nana & Poppy's!
Since we were AT the lake, we clearly spent a lot of our time in the water. My children LOVE the water. One of their favorite things to do is throw rocks in the water. Especially Big rocks.
First you have to find the perfect big rock.
Then you hold it up high.
Then you throw!
Then have mommy and/or daddy go get it out of the water to you can do it again!
They had canoe paddles there & the first day I told them that you call whales by slapping paddles on the water (I think this is actually a big lie...but I feel confident there is SOMETHING in the ocean that is attracted by that sound...or maybe whales slap their fins on the water...). They called whales pretty much every time we were at the water after that. Ryan was especially passionate about this endeavor. I felt truly terrible that there weren't actually any whales there to come.
We went on 2 rides down the lake shore and back in the row boat. The twins loved this because Rocket (from Little Einsteins) frequently turns into a boat. We discovered on this trip that almost anything can be traced back to something they have seen on Little Einsteins. And that they remember absolutely everything they have seen on that show down to the most random detail.
They weren't big fans of wearing life jackets...

On our boat rides we would watch in the water for fish (of which we saw very few) and logs or trees (of which we saw a ton). The most exciting thing we saw was a bald eagle! It swooped down right in front of us and the soared up and circled in the sky. I was so excited because this was the first time I ever saw one in the wild. The twins were so excited because we were so excited (and they saw one on Little Einsteins one time...). They've been spotting "bald eagles" in the sky ever since!
Hi, Daddy!
The one picture that I wanted, but never seemed to have my camera ready when it occurred, was of them swimming. They started crawling on their stomachs in the water (the shallow part of course) and yelling "Mommy, I swimming!" Allie always stayed very shallow (shocking because she is usually very adventurous), but Ryan liked to go where his hands could barely touch and kick his feet in the water. Only once did he go so deep he went under, but I was right there. He learned his lesson and stayed a little more shallow after that. The closest I came to catching them "swimming" is this:
Terrible, right? He's on his way out of the water after swimming to shore. Mommy is so slow. We also like building sand castles, trying to catch the many minnows, swimming out deep with mommy and daddy (as in waist deep for us, but way deep for them), and pushing our floaty frog & dragon into the water and watching mommy and daddy run after them!


Lauren and Jeff said...

I'm cracking up at the fact you have your kids "calling for whales" in northern Michigan!

Anonymous said...

I FINALLY got this computer to let me through to this blog after a bunch of tries!! Funny Mommy!! What a Mom won't do to help her kids get a kick out of life!! Whales yet!! The pictures are absolutely darling!! Thanks, Grandma