June 24, 2011

At the Lake House: Running

I think this one made me the happiest. You may or may not know that Lucas and I were both runners in high school (and Lucas was a GOOD one!). I love that my children already show a love for running. There was a circular drive, and - in a desperate attempt to work out some energy before nap time - I suggested they run around it like a track. They loved it. It became the most requested activity. We discovered that Allie loves distances. No matter how out of breath she got, she wouldn't stop. We guesstimated that the loop was 40 yards, and it wasn't unusual for her to do 10 laps before stopping for a rest. We also discovered that Ryan totally gets the concept of racing. And (to our great delight) he is VERY competitive when he is racing. He goes all out!
And then daddy decided to try a race. Buddy was too busy throwing rocks into trees, but Sis took him on and beat him soundly! He way underestimated her speed :)
Can you guess who dressed the twins this morning? If you guessed the one who is wearing the same shorts as they, you would be correct!
Every run ended with a stop at the rocks. They would climb on them and try to balance. I would tell them they needed to get off. And then I would take pictures of them not listening. Bad mommy.
Oops! I fell (note: he didn't actually fall. He staged a very slow, dramatic fall because he thought it was funny!)
Let's help each other!


Anonymous said...

So cute!! Run Run Run...it is so good for you. Little G said I never walked when I was little. I ran everywhere I went. I wish I could do that now!! Thanks for the cute pictures and story. Love it! Nana
Poppy was mad he was just on here and no blog..i sat down and walla.. a new blog. haha

Anonymous said...

Such awesome photos. What a great way to let off some stored up energy. The trees are so beautiful. I love Ryan's 'fall' and his sense of humor! Grandma