April 24, 2011

Easter: Part 2

Yes, the insane documentation of their first "active" Easter continues. On Saturday we started with an Easter Egg hunt with the eggs that Nana brought and Gigi sent.

It took a minute to catch on, but then they were off yelling, "More! More!"

They had a hard time not opening each one as they found them...

Nana's eggs had money in them and they enjoyed putting all the coins in their piggy bank.

Then we got ready and all went to the nearby camp where the local fire department held a huge Easter Egg Hunt!

We started at the playground.

Then we moved to the egg field. Literally, a field filled with plastic, candy-filled eggs.

E was there and we tried to get a picture of the 3 together. This was one of the best. My personal favorite is Allie's "Zoolander" face!!

We did get a decent picture of the girls together though.

The twins, seeing a field full of eggs and having practiced that morning, were desperate to get out there and get eggs. But they had to wait about 10 minutes. We did our best to distract them, including letting them put handfuls of dirt in their Easter buckets. It proved to be TOO good of a distraction as they weren't interested in picking up any eggs when the hunt started. We got a grand total of 7 :)

And we ended at the playground.

Note: these pictures literally make me cry. They sat on "big kid" swings for one of the first times (the first time really swinging), and they look SO old :(

After naptime we had a birthday party and ANOTHER egg hunt (again, we distracted them until the start with the play equipment in their backyard, and when the hunt started Allie just wanted to drive the car, and Ryan just wanted to slide.). A busy, busy day to be sure!

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Anonymous said...

Darling seeing them put their money in their bank. and swinging on the big swings . they are growing up way to fast. Gigi